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    I have an unusual “quirk” with my Microsoft Excel 97 SR-1. I won’t really call it a problem, just an annoyance.

    I created a spreadsheet template for a report I produce monthly. When I finish and “Save As” to a new name, I need to print ONE COPY. For some reason, this file always wants to print SIX COPIES. It’s easy to use (CTRL)(P) and change it to one, but I usually forget since this is the only file where this happens.

    I tried using (CTRL)(P), change the copies to (1), print and then immediately save. When I exit and re-enter, it has changed back to (6).

    I then tried opening an Excel blank and copied/pasted the original information. It changed the appearance so much I gave up trying to fix it.

    I think the file may have been created using an older Excel version, but I would like to have it run properly on my Windows XP (I know . . . I need to upgrade soon).

    Any ideas?

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      Any chance you can try to open/print it with a newer version of excel to see if that helps? Not as a permanent solution, just to see if that gives another hint. Also, maybe there are advanced printing options in a newer excel version (i would think so), that allow to set it to single print permanently. I know thats a long shot, but thats what i would try when there is no obvious solution. In case you use excel 2010 for example, http://www.excel-aid.com/excel-print-area-setting-and-clearing-print-areas.html describes how to set the print area (i have NO idea if you can do that in excel 97). Maybe if you change the print area, the copy-count resets to 1? But again, tahts a long shot, but i would still open it in a newer (or actually older might work too) version to see if it still prints 6 copies.

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      You might also try printing it using either an Excel viewer, Libre Office, or Open Office. If you can successfully open it using any of those programs, you can probably successfully print it.

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        I will check my Excel 97 when I get home. Is it possible there is some macro involved??


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      I have no idea tbh since i dont really know alot about makros. But it seems unlikely unless you used one yourself i guess?

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      I had no luck finding any option to change the number of copies in Excel. Maybe something to do with your printer driver. Perhaps try creating a new printer.

      BTW was not there a SR-2 for office 97 ??


      Just because you don't know where you are going doesn't mean any road will get you there.
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