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    Hello; hope all are well.

    The attached Excel has 2 tabs.

    • Tab 1: StudentList which is my list of Student Names
    • Tab 2: PleaseRemoveMe

    I need Excel to compare these & remove all of the ones from Tab 2.

    Please can help – thank you.


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      Is this homework? You have to tell us if it is (we don’t mind helping).

      cheers, Paul

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      I am nearly 50 years old! Miss those old days of homework. I did do a degree a couple of years ago but is done now  👍

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      There are a number of ways to do this.

      The simplest way is to put the following formula into StudentList!B1
      This will give a blank if the student is not in the remove list or the row number that this student’s id is on if they are.

      Fill/drag that down over B1:B24. You can then filter for non-blanks in column B and delete those entries. Remove the filter and you’ll have your cleaned up list.

      If it is something you will be doing repetitively, you can use a macro to automatically do it (using a different technique though). If the macro is the way you want to go, let us know.

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