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    Susie Smith has a mail account SUSIES. I have set up another SMTP account for her mailbox entitled FOUNDATION. The intent is for her to give out the FOUNDATION address for bulk mailings. What I then want to do is set up a Rule that would see this FOUNDATION mail coming in and move it to another folder (separating it from SUSIES personal mail). The problem I am having is that when the mail hits the server, the FOUNDATION address gets resolved to SUSIES and, therefore, the Rule does not have the effect I want. The mailbox was set up this way so that we did not use up a license (FOUNDATION) for an account that would be rarely used.

    Is there a resolve?

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      Public folders don’t use up licenses.. so create a public folder.

      Set permissions on it so only Susie can see it. Give susie full send as permissions on that address and she can type that address in the from field when she sends out mailings. Be sure and remove the address from her box before creating the PF or it’ll have an email of foundation1@.

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        One last snag. Set up the Public Folder as you recommended (all good ideas, thanks!), but when testing the ability of the account to receive mail, it fails. The SMTP address is correct and I have removed all traces of it from SUSIES mail account. The mail, however, when sent from an external source (i.e. AOL) ends up in the Administrator’s mailbox as undeliverable (indicating the addressee is unknown). The SMTP reflected in the reject message is, in fact, correct.

        Did I miss something? Thankful for your expertise….

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          set up permissions for anonymous to post (contribuate) to the folder.

          also, double check that the folder is mail enabled. adding the address should have enabled it – but who knows smile

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            I am familiar with basic Exchange administration, but you have been most helpful in teaching me some new skills!

            I don’t have an “ANONYMOUS” account on Exchange. Should this have been a system-generated account? I have “GUEST” accounts.

            Where do I check to see if the folder is mail-enabled? I’m checking Properties everywhere, but do not readily see this option.

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              you don’t need an anonymous accout – or it should have been generated automatically. you can check permissions either from outlook or from the exchange administration interface.

              locate the public folder and right click on it, choose properties. in outlook it’s on the permissions tab, in exadmin, it’s somewhere smile on the dialog, depending on which version of exchange server.

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              We’re almost there, Mary… I can feel it cheers

              This is the message generated in AOL when I try to mail the account. The Anonymous permissions have been set to Contributor (create items).

              “The message could not be delivered because you do not have create permissions on this folder or it is only available to folder owners at this time”

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              I got it Mary! The DEFAULT user also had to be set to Contributor. Thanks for your help!!!!!

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            I found Anonymous (in Outlook)! Will test and see if mail goes into intended account. Thanks!

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