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    I recently had to change my DSL service and now that I have, I can’t get any incoming email. I can get to the internet, send and receive internal email and I send email externally. I just can’t receive email. We are running on a Windows NT Server 4.0, SP6, Exchange Server Ver. 5.5, SP2 and Outlook 2000. What am I missing?

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      the server is getting the mail or supposed to be? is it a new IP and if so, were the MX records changed?

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        Exchange server is connected and we can send out email. Do have new IP addresses which I entered on the NIC card. What are MX records?

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          MX records are how the DNS servers know to route mail for your domain address to your mail server.

          open a command windows (type cmd at the run dialog) then type
          nslookup mx
          this tells you the mx records for your domain.

          or cheat and try this site –
          does it return the old IP or the new?

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            it returns our new DNS server 1 address.

            What should it contain and how can I change it?

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              and the ip returned is what you entered for the NIC in the mail server?

              try the URL – it’ll tell you if the mail server is talking to it and might give some clues as to the problem.

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              the ip returned was the dns server, not the ip address.

              when I went to the mx-verify, I received a message that the address lookup did yield my old ip address.

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              just what i thought – it can take 24-48 hours for the records to replicate around the net, but check with the new provider or your domain name service to verify the mx records were changed

              for our mx records, i change them with the company that we used when we bought the domain name, not our dsl provider. other providers may handle it for you.

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              thank you so much for your help and patience. I really appreciate it.

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              Be aggressive with your service provider. They should have checked this before switching you!

              Another tool to check your DNS records is anti-spam site SamSpade.org. You can perform an interactive UNIX-style dig command at http://www.samspade.org/t/refer.cgi?a=&f=8192#13. Use the DNS Query, enter your domain (what you use after the @ sign, not the actual host name of the mail server, which often differs), and select MX records. These should point to your mail server. You then can query for an A (address) record for your mail server. One or both of these records might have to be updated. An SOA query for your domain typically shows which name server needs to be updated. Hope this helps.

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