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    Went to download explorer patcher ( actual link here – https://github.com/valinet/ExplorerPatcher/wiki and in googling realized there is this link https://explorerpatcher.com/ which in turn leads to this page – https://technocare.app/explorerpatcher.html which you have a hard time figuring out EXACTLY where to click. And then they say – Please Note !
    We are not the creator of this amazing software piece, We thought of sharing the information and the latest version of the software since it is one of the coolest applications for Windows 11.

    So they are making ad money from a piece of software that isn’t theirs.


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      At least they admit it’s not theirs. Hopefully the version they offer is actually the real deal and not a version with malware inserted.

      You can see this kind of thing everywhere. On Youtube, it is common for people to grab the videos from other people and post them as their own, whole or in part. Pirate video sites offer up content they don’t own or license and use it to lure people to see their ads. Content scraping sites use bots to scour the web and grab articles or pictures from other people’s sites to offer as their own.

      Even legit downloading sites can get involved in some sleazy stuff. It is very common for ads on any download site to include fake “click here to download” buttons so that a page where you are trying to download a given program has several of these, in addition to the real download button or link, and it is sometimes difficult to figure out which one takes you to the actual download you wanted.

      This is where advertisers or site owners shoot themselves in the foot. Ads are one thing, but when you have ads that masquerade as the actual content or that obscure that content, you make the site nearly unusable without adblockers.

      I was on such a site the other day with multiple “download” buttons, and it was the official download site of the software dev (yes, I had to check that one to be sure). This was on my vestigial Win11 installation when I was downloading the customization programs, so my browser wasn’t set up with shields up like the one in Linux. It was a barebones Waterfox G installation, and I couldn’t figure out which one of the links was the real link on the site. Rather than fight with it, I installed uBlock Origin in Waterfox, and the site cleared right up. There was only one download button/link, and it was the correct one.

      The more obnoxious they are, the more people are pushed to block ads. Once people see how fast and luxurious it is to have a web without ads, they are probably not going back to an un-adblocked setup. Pushing people who would otherwise not overcome inertia and use an adblocker to begin blocking ads seems like a bad strategy for advertisers.

      Back when I used to read paper computer magazines, I looked forward to seeing the ads. In some, like the gigantic Computer Shopper, which was printed on newsprint and was at least an inch thick, the ads were the point, and the original articles were kind of an extra.

      Back then, I wanted to know what was available, for how much, and where. Those ads never made noise, animated, covered up the article I was trying to read, track my movements throughout the magazine, or attempted to assemble a dossier about me and what makes me tick. Now… suffice it to say they ruined advertising as a way to pay for hosting and content.

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