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    Has anyone tried to use an Excel macro to create .gif file from a graph for export to HTML? I’m using a macro to save graphs as .gif’s for export to a web page for internal reporting. If the size of the graph is too large, Excel truncates the graph by chopping out columns of data. No matter how small I make the graph it still happens. Microsoft says it’s a known bug that 2000 fixes, but that’s not a great alternative for me because of compatibaility issues I have with other users. Anyone have any suggestions? You can reply here, or to me directly at wdr@usrelo.com.

    Thanks in advance!

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      I’m doing much the same thing. It’s in Excel 2000, but I’ve run it OK in Excel 97.

      But you talk about columns dropping off. Does that mean that you’re exporting values (rows & columns of data) rather than graphs?

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        I don’t know whether this may help. I’ve just been playing around with screen resolutions. When I exported the gifs under 640 by 480 the gif was truncated. Back on higher resolution the export worked OK

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