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    My apologies for asking this question again. I posted this question on the ikonboard forum, but the board disappeared. I did get a reply which looked promising, but I did not get a chance to investigate. My apologies to the helpful person who replied.

    I have been exporting graphs as gifs for use on the Intraweb. I have also been publishing sections of Excel documents as HTML and showing them on the web. What I would like to do (if it’s at all possible) is to give the ability for the user to highlight a particular piece of a graph, and for it to pop-up the value of that piece of the graph, in the same way that Excel does.

    I have seen in the help files that it’s possible to publish graphs rather than to export them. I haven’t been able to get this to work though. So my two questions are:
    .Can I do it?
    .Is it worth it? (ie, will I be able to achieve what I want, or will it just give me static gifs anyway?)

    For publishing the sections of the spreadsheet, I used:

    ActiveWorkbook.PublishObjects.AddxlSourceRange, “filename.htm”, _
    “”, “section_name, xlHtmlStatic, “”, “”).Publish (True)).



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      Hi Geoff,
      This is the code I published on the other board:
      Function publishchart(strPubFileName As String, strSheetName As String) As Boolean
      Dim pboPublish As Excel.PublishObject
      Set pboPublish = ActiveWorkbook.PublishObjects.Add(xlSourceChart, _
      strPubFileName, strSheetName, _
      “”, xlHtmlChart)
      ‘ Set title for Web page and publish.
      With pboPublish
      .title = strSheetName
      .Publish True
      End With
      publishchart = True
      End Function
      Basically the only difference is that I’ve used xlHTMLChart rather than xlHTMLStatic. This does give you a dynamic chart in the sense that if you publish the source data as well, you can change it and the chart will update, but I don’t think it will show data values if you hover the cursor over a point. (I may be wrong as I’ve never actually used this properly, your post stirred my curiosity!)
      Hope that’s of some help.

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        Great! Thanks for the response.

        I’ll be saving this one before it gets lost again (but I’m *SURE* this forum isn’t going to get lost).

        Thanks agian


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          I hope not having just re-entered it in my favourites (probably a bad move, as soon as I did that with the Ikonboard, look what happened!)

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