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    Recently, I was using File Explorer, and was looking in “This PC” and noticed a never-before-seem-by-me folder called “\Family Room”.  Opening the folder gets a bunch of sub-folders titled “Channel ### through ###” where the 1st set of numbers is 001 and the 2nd set is 100 and each additional folder is incremented by 100.  The folder values go all the way up to “Channel 1701-1800”.

    I went into the properties of \Family Room and sniped the output and have attached the screen snip file.

    My question:  what is the folder and can I get rid of it, since it seems to be related to our router (Verizon FiOS), without damaging anything.  Will Windows just recreate it, in which case there’s no reason to get rid of it, is there?



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      That looks more like a separate network device than a folder. My guess would be a DVR set top box hooked up to the network via Ethernet or WiFi. Do you have FiOS TV as well as Internet?

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