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    Please recommend fax shareware/freeware for Windows98.

    I need this fax program that can be run in the background. The received fax can be in TIFF format.

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      Try http://www.tucows.com[/url%5D and do a search there.
      Loads of payware/shareware/freeware.

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        Thank you for your prompt answer. I did do some searches at ZDnet before. Yes, it gave me several hundred of fax shareware search result. I think it is a better idea to have someone give me recommendation instead of trying each of these several hundred shareware, by myself, to see which ones offer TIFF format.

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      I’ve used Mighty Fax for a while now and am quite satisfied with it. They do have a free 30 day trial but after that it’s $19.95 (US).

      It’s not a fancy program but as far as I’m concerned it’s quite reliable. You can start it in receive mode, when you are expecting a fax, and just let it run minimized.

      Mighty Fax can be downloaded at http://store.yahoo.com/rks/mightyfax.html%5B/url%5D


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        I looked at MightyFax before. I did not see the received fax was in TIFF format in the product description. Would you please confirm that the received fax is in TIFF format?

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          Mighty Fax allows faxes to be exported to pcx, bmp and dcx formats. A graphics program such as IrfanView could be used to convert from one of these to tif format.

          Another suggestion would be to sign up for one of the free fax services such as j2 (formerly jfax and efax). They are located at http://www.j2.com/index.html [/url]. Faxes received through this service are in tif format.


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