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    Does anyone know how to get the file path to display in a custom footer in Excel 97?
    I can get the file and sheet names, but can’t find anything for the path. Am I missing something obvious?


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      I recall Ruth C. helped me on this, so it’s my turn. You have to use a macro specifiying “&ActiveWorkbook.FullName”. Here’s a simple code sample and most of the parameters:

      Sub SetHeadersFooters()
      ‘ Notes; insert ‘& Chr(10)’ to break a footer to a new line
      ‘ &T is time, &D is date, &A is tab (sheet name), &F is file
      ‘ &P is pages, &N is number of pages,
      ‘ &L Left aligns,&C Centers,&R Right aligns, characters that follow.
      ‘ &E turns double-underline printing on or off.
      ‘ &B turns bold, &I turns italic, printing on or off.
      ‘ &U turns underline printing on or off.
      ‘ &X turns superscript, &Y turns subscript, printing on or off.
      ‘ &P+number Prints the page number plus the specified number.
      ‘ &P-number Prints the page number minus the specified number.
      ‘ && Prints a single ampersand.
      ‘ &nn Prints the characters that follow in the specified font size.
      ‘ Use a two-digit number to specify a size in points.

      With ActiveSheet.PageSetup
      .LeftFooter = “&06 &T on &D”
      .CenterFooter = “&06 page &P of &N”
      .RightFooter = “&06 &A in ” &ActiveWorkbook.FullName
      End With
      End Sub

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