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    Before asking this question, I did check the MSKB and have poked around Exchange, tried Help, etc.

    What has prompted this question was the latest virus, being a VB Script virus, if I understand correctly.

    So, here’s a thought. Is it possible to filter emails by the file extension of any attachment?

    As in can I set up my Exchange server to block any file extension of VBS along with a number of others such as EXE.

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      yes, you can use a content filter and filter attachments by extension. most major exchange antivirus appications can also filter by extensions. antigen is highly recommended but there are at least 4 others that can. check out the at http://exchange.devx.com[/url%5D

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        Thanks, Mary.

        I’ve added the site to my bookmarks and signed up for some of the newsletters, so should get some mileage out of it.

        Oh hum though, I seem to run in to the same problem with all things Microsoft. What on other systems is free and easy to implement (Sendmail on UNIX only requires a script file to achieve the same result) so often leads to the same basic answer. Put your hand in your pocket and spend more money.

        Sorry, this isn’t meant to be a M/S bash, just that I was sold Exchange by our corporate office to fill a number of functions, none of which have been delivered some three and a half years later. Guess you could say I was sold a pup!

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