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    I have many entries in my Right-Click menu that are totally superfluous and I have tried totally unsuccessfuly to remove and replace with the items I want. I have tried editing through HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT (the entries go on for ever) and various software programmes but I find them too arcane. Nothing seems to work, is there a simple way to accomplish this for an elderley non-geek?

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      ? says:

      you could look at “the easy way,” on How-To-Geek, scroll down past “the hard way”:


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      Thank you. I don’t want any of them but I would like to add PaintShop Pro Ultimate 2020.

      How to add any application to right-click menu in Windows 10


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      How about start > run > shell:sendto and create a shortcut to PaintShop Pro Ultimate 2020

      Never Say Never

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      You appear to want to add items to the Open with context menu.
      If you r/click on an image file that PSP can handle > Open With > and PSP 2020 hasn’t registered itself to automatically appear in that menu, you can click Choose another app at the bottom of that menu. You may need to scroll down.
      If PSP still isn’t there to select, scroll to the btm of the menu and click More apps.
      If PSP still isn’t showing to select, again scroll down to the btm of that menu and click Look for another app on the PC.
      Navigate to Program Files (not program Files (x86) ) > Corel > Corel PaintShop Pro 2020 (64-Bit) > Corel PaintShop Pro (.exe) > Select > Open.
      That will open PSP and PSP ‘should’ then be remembered and placed in the Open with menu for future use.

      This unfortunately it doesn’t always happen for various reasons and an easy way to add PSP to the Registry is to use a dedicated program to do it for you. This saves you manually raking through the Registry yourself.
      I use Openwithadd which is an old program created for XP/Vista but works in Windows 10 (1903).

      You can download it from here: https://www.winhelponline.com/xp/openwithadd.htm

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        Thank you Moonshine for your suggestions. Unfortunately, as you will see from the screen capture I have none of the choices you suggest.rightclickchoices

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      OpenWithAdd worked a treat, thank you Moonshine. I know I am asking too much but how do I get rid of all the entries that I don’t want? Is there another programme that works as well as OpenWithAdd?

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      It looks like you are using Windows 7 in the above image. My instructions/images are from W10 (1903).
      However, it’s possible to remove some entries from the Open With menu by using a program from nirsoft called OpenWithView.
      It’s located on this page, ⅔ of the way down:


      Once opened, locate the entries you want to remove, then r/click them and opt to disable.
      Re-enabling is the reverse of the above.
      Right click an image file and check your Open With menu to see if your choices have been removed.
      To repeat – not all entries can be removed by this method.
      Click the image below to see a short video of OpenWithView at work. I have remove 2 entries from the menu.

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        Thank you again Moonshine. My File Manager is Directory Opus, maybe that gives it a Win 7 appearance? I used your suggestion ‘OpenWithView’ and disabled the inPixio entries  (see attach) and rebooted. I then tried the Open With facility but all the entries remained the same (see attach)


        Maybe there is somthing wrong with my PC or I’m not smart enough to be a half-wit.

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        I realise now that the Start 10 programme I use has a Win 7 appearance that I have chosen, any other choice takes up too much screen real estate.

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      Directory Opus has it’s own context menu items separate from Windows.  Hence removing something from Windows context menus will not necessarily remove it from Opus.  I would look in the user manual or go to the Directory Opus Resource Centre to get better guidance.  Directory Opus is almost as complicated as operating system by itself so investing time learning it is the only way to really get full use of it.  If as you say you are a simple user using another Explorer replacement might be the best way to simplify your life.  Hence only one place to look for context menus.  Good luck.

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      Thank you leland. The same problem exists in File Explorer, XYPlorer, PowerDesk and Dopus

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      I found a useful tool to add context menu items called Ultimate Windows Context Menu Customizer does not really help to remove item put there by other programs.


      Not sure if it works on windows 10 maybe someone could test it out and see.

      I also use OpenWithView to disable certain items and ShellExView

      Also Ultimate Windows Context Menu Customizer has a position options and extended option’s for shift key.


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