• Finding the DATEVALUE


    I want to find the VALUE for any date by entering the date in one cell and seeing its value in another.

    Example: I want to enter 1/19/22 in G29 and read its VALUE (which is 44580) in G30.

    I can’t make it work. If I put 1/19/2022 or “1/19/2022” in G29 and put =DATEVALUE(G29) in G30, I get #VALUE! in G30.

    Who can help me?



    Lou Sander

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      Just put =G29 in G30 and format G30 as a number with no decimal places

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      Why didn’t I think of that?  🙂


      Lou Sander

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        I have trouble with neat answers too!

        I’ve decided to cut down my drinking rum to just three days a week:

        Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow.


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      As a young Ensign in 1961, my ship spent a lot of time in the Caribbean. Rum was plentiful and dirt cheap. We could buy Bacardi 151 Proof for $1.50 a bottle, and Cruzan for less than a dollar.

      My drinking days are pretty much in the past, but I still have bottles of Bacardi and Myers in my cabinet.

      Lou Sander

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        Hi Lou

        I was kidding – my drinking here is much reduced too, although whenever I am back in the Caribbean it just seems the proper thing to enjoy! I just love those Happy Hours! And my favourite bar sign is still “Sorry! We are Open”.

        My Times newspaper (last Friday) had an article on the new DDGX US Warship. Blimey! It’s got Hypersonic missiles and Laser systems. I could do with some of that directed-energy right now!


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      I knew you were kidding, at least in part. So was I. 😉

      The ship I was on was an old WWII amphibious transport. We had analog fire control systems. Our guns were pretty mich manually aimed, as I recall. Sheesh!

      It was enough to drive you to drink.

      She is HERE.


      Lou Sander

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