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    Have you ever wanted to bring up a particular photo or two (or eight) on your smartphone? Maybe you want to revisit your last vacation or your child’s
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      Thanks for nice news letters. There are helpful.


      In this issue you say:
      “When Sandbox opens, you’ll see a bare-bones virtual installation of Windows. Remember: What happens in Sandbox stays in Sandbox — it won’t affect the rest of your system.”
      That’s correct.

      But then you say also:
      “Remember that a sandbox session isn’t completely isolated from the rest of your Windows environment — you can copy files back and forth, between Sandbox and your host Windows. ”
      That is not correct.

      Why you think that way?
      Tell me ANY way you can affect your real host?
      ONLY way I can think is using resources. But any other?
      HOW you copy files back and forth? You dont. (yes, by network but it means it isolated from your host but not isotaled from internet)

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        Ok, I just realize clipboard is directly connected to host.
        And you can copy files by just using clipboard.

        So, sandbox can affect host computer clipboard and in that way your sentect make sense.

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      This was a very useful article. I use Google Drive instead of Windows Office, and any information about how to use Drive and its associated apps would be very welcome. I use Google Photos (and Albums) for all my photos and videos now. I find Albums are convenient to use as “folders”, for keeping groups of the best photos and videos of a subject, event or whatever, together.

      I’ve enjoyed Lincoln Specter’s articles for many years. He writes informatively and well.

      Regards, Stan

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      Seeing the comparison of features between Google Drive and Google Photos made me appreciate more that I have both. I got Google Drive a long time ago for storing photos. But being able to organize photos and to be able to link Photos with Google Drive makes me glad to have both apps available, on my Android phone, in Windows, and on my Linux PC and Chromebook.

      -- rc primak

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