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  • Firefox 66 Install or wait?


    This topic contains 20 replies, has 14 voices, and was last updated by  JohnW 10 months ago.

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      I am wondering, what are your opinions regarding the Firefox 66?  I am considering if I should update my Firefox to 66 or wait a few days more.  If it helps, I am on Linux.  Thank you 🙂

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      Da Boss

      I have updated some of my computers to FF 66 and haven’t seen any problems.

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      AskWoody Plus

      I just did the 66.01 on W7 and didn’t notice any problems.

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      AskWoody Plus

      I updated an Ubuntu 16.04 LTS computer last night from FF 65 to FF 66. No problems. The update came through the Ubuntu Software Updater.

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        Da Boss

        FF ESR 60.6.1 installed no problem here on 18.04 LTS and W8.1
        Wonder if they fixed the MS word and Powerpoint bugs from FF 66.6 or FF ESR 60.6 in the newest version? No mention of it in mozilla advisories but, Martin Brinkmann has a quick Workaround should anyone encounter issues.

        Win7 Pro x64 | Win8.1 Pro x64 | Linux Hybrids x86/x64 | W10 1909 x86 Pro
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      AskWoody Plus

      Firefox 66.0.1 is the latest. Both 66.0 and 66.0.1 fixed some security vulnerabilities.

      I updated mine on Windows 10 and it seems OK so far!

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      Da Boss

      Firefox 66.0.1 contains 2 bug-fixes that were disclosed during Pwn2Own hacking contest, according to Catalin Cimpanu. The Mozilla Security Advisory rates the update as critical.

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      Rick Corbett

      Mine updated automatically in Win 10 to FF 66.01 and I haven’t noticed any issues at all.

      Looks like FF66.0 is the latest for Linux as I’ve updated 2 Linux clients manually and that was the latest offered via Update Manager for both x32 and x64.

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      Thank you for your feedback 🙂  I will install it soon via update manager.

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      Da Boss

      Looks like there will soon be another minor point release bringing versions to:
      Firefox Quantum 66.02
      Firefox-ESR 60.6.2

      A crash affecting Firefox on Windows 10 version 1809 when playing videos on YouTube.
      A crash affected the YouTube tab but not the browser itself.
      A crash in Canvas with CreateBrushForPattern

      Martin Brinkmann over at has just published a heads up article.

      Win7 Pro x64 | Win8.1 Pro x64 | Linux Hybrids x86/x64 | W10 1909 x86 Pro
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        nope Microfix. only Firefox 66.0.2 was just released. no new Firefox 60.x ESR version yet other than 60.6.1.

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          Da Boss

          FF ESR has always been released after Firefox, usually a day or two later 🙂

          Win7 Pro x64 | Win8.1 Pro x64 | Linux Hybrids x86/x64 | W10 1909 x86 Pro
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      Not having any issue with Firefox 66.0.1 on my Desktops and Notebooks.

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      Bill C.
      AskWoody Plus

      I am on Win7-64Pro and FF 66.0.1 and there have been no issues.

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      The Surfing Pensioner
      AskWoody Plus

      Win 7-32Home with FF 66.0.1 and no issues.

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      AskWoody Lounger

      I have been on FF 66.0.1 for only two days, and am now being offered 66.0.2, Stable Channel, not developer, beta, or anything special. The Release Notes for 66.0.2 only say there is one fix,

      “Fixed Web compatibility issues with Office 365, iCloud and IBM WebMail caused by recent changes to the handling of keyboard events (Bug 1538966)”

      But I will wait a few days, as usual, to let other ‘beta type’ testers report in, thank you guys,

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        AskWoody Plus

        In my opinion never wait with browser updates as it is your main link/port to the Internet.
        I run Chrome beta with auto-update. Chrome and my anti-virus app are the only apps that auto-update on my Windows 10.

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          Da Boss

          I’ve used Firefox since the Phoenix/ Firebird days and updated immediately upon release all the way along in both windows and Linux. Any 3rd party browser is more important to update immediately, now more than ever.

          Win7 Pro x64 | Win8.1 Pro x64 | Linux Hybrids x86/x64 | W10 1909 x86 Pro
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            definitely update Firefox ASAP, without hesitation

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          AskWoody Plus

          I agree with updating browsers ASAP.

          The security risk of a pwned browser far exceeds the risk of a browser getting hosed by a bad update. It’s not like an OS update that can hose your whole machine.

          In any case, you should have a secondary browser available to fall back to in that event, even if it is IE or Edge for temporary use.

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      AskWoody Plus

      I just updated FF to 66.0.2 in my Mac and, so far, so good. I am using it right now to connect to this page and write this entry here. Any problems that I might encounter later on, I’ll report them here.

      I only use FF when some Web site requires it, for some security reasons of its owner. Same with Chrome. Otherwise, I use Waterfox (both in the Mac and the Windows 7 PC) for most browsing, as it is lighter and, for my liking, more user friendly overall than FF, while having all the security measures of FF in place, being a fork of it. Pale Moon might be also like that, being also a fork of FF, although I have no experience using it to say how it is really like.

      Windows 7 Professional, SP1, x64 Group B & macOS + Linux (Mint) => Win7 Group W + Mac&Lx

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