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  • Firefox “Leanplum” is tracking Mobile users

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        AskWoody Plus

        ..Data collection

        Who will have Leanplum enabled?

        We use Switchboard to filter users to have Leanplum enabled. Currently, for users in the USA and whose locale is set to English, 10% of that users will have Leanplum enabled.

        If the user has “Health Report” setting enabled.

        If above two are true, when the app starts, and switchboard configure arrived, Firefox for Android will send the triggers and message interaction history to Leanplum server when available.

        Where does data sent to the Leanplum backend go?
        The Leanplum SDK is hard-coded to send data to the endpoint….

        More at Ghacks

        So much for Firefox and privacy.

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        All you need to do to disable the tracking from Leanplumb is, in the Settings within Firefox, go to Settings>Marketing Data>Data Collection and ensure that both “slider switches” are off. Hopefully, you’ll find that they’re already off as I did. Check ALL of your Android-based devices for this setting found within Firefox.

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          Oops, I made a typo in my post above. The path for the settings inside Firefox should be Settings>Data Collection>And then make sure that the slider labeled “Marketing Data” is set to off so it will be greyed out.

          While you’re there, you can also feel free to turn the other setting of “Usage and technical data” off as well if you prefer. That slider controls info that Mozilla uses to see just how you use your installation of Firefox so they can make any changes they feel necessary in the future builds of the browser. Some folks don’t like sending that type of data to anyone, even the maker of a piece of software they frequently use.

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        AskWoody Plus

        All you need to do to

        How many Android or iOS users even heard of Leanplum and knew how to disable the Telemetry ?
        There was no warning or opt-in during Firefox Focus install.
        Luckily for iOS users, such Telemetry won’t happen again without permission, with iOS 14.5.

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        AskWoody Plus

        I use laptops, Mac and Win 7 (so not “mobile”) and have in them Firefox, that use rarely, and Waterfox (Classic), that I use as much as possible. (Chrome for certain things where Waterfox does not work).

        WF is a fork of FF, but there is noting in “settings” there called “Data Collection.” What might be just fine, or may be not.

        Looking around on the Web I find very meager, as well as vague information in blogs and comments long on jargon, short on plain language, as far as the “Leanplum” situation with WF goes; some comments written by people asking in various ways the same basic question: Is this a Mozilla-wide problem, or just for people who use FF?

        More specifically: in my case and that of all those of us with laptops and desktops, is this a problem with FF and, or WF for Windows PCs or Macs? How about the versions for Linux?

        Windows 7 Professional, SP1, x64 Group W (ex B) & macOS Mojave + Linux (Mint)

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          AskWoody Plus
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            “Maximize customer engagement and build lasting and valuable relationships through multi-channel message optimization”

            I’ll have the buzzword salad. With ranch dressing, on the side, please.


            While I understand Mozilla’s desire to “measure the effect of their marketing,” they’re kind of riding the knife’s edge for a vendor that is supposed to be about privacy. Very bad optics here. A large part of Google’s spying is to measure the effect of the marketing efforts of their advertisers (the rest of it being to decide which ads go to which people). That doesn’t make it okay, and it’s well beyond the “how well is it working” telemetry that I have sometimes allowed in the past when given the choice.

            At least it’s still optional. This kind of thing ought to be opt-in, not opt-out.

            Mozilla continues to disappoint. Really caught between a rock and a hard place here, as I still find Chromium-based browsers to be dreadful to use. I tried to tentatively switch to Vivaldi, but the stuttering and juddering scrolling was just too much. This is a “feature” of every Chromium-based browser I have tried to date.

            This “leanplum” thing is just for the mobile version of Firefox, which I do not use (Opera being the only mobile browser that clears the minimum bar for usability, though it has trackers too), but it demonstrates the kind of thinking that goes on in the organization, as have some of their disappointing statements lately regarding free speech.

            Group "L" (KDE Neon Linux 5.21.4 User Edition)

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        Focus or Firefox?  Very different.  Focus has switches to turn off so much stuff, it won’t work reliably.  Mozilla’s putting almost no effort into Mobile FF, no point with Chrome and Safari dominating mobile by such a high margin.

        The “So much for Firefox and privacy” meme is worn out.  Firefox never was private but the desktop version can be configured to be more private than any other mainstream browser if you know how.  Many folks who, it seems would rather be mad, move to Chromia and give away even more just to have FF as an enemy rather than learn.

        All browsers hem and haw about privacy, none deliver out of the box.  Not even Brave which can be made relatively private through a bunch of switches and their proxy filter.

        iOS?  Sure.  The inventors of PCM, something users have no visibility into?  At least cookies can be seen and dealt with.

        If tech can make billions taking our data, and give us nothing in return, we can do whatever we can to prevent it.  That’s the game and browsers are free, you have to go outside them to significantly affect all the ingress and egress points.

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