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    Has anyone experienced this one?
    Four or five times today, I was attempting to log in to Monster.com with my regular ID and password, and Firefox hung up. Each time, I finally gave up after several minutes, and closed the app either by the “X” or by “End the Task” in Windows Task Manager (Vista Home Premium). I can reliably log in to other familiar web sites, however.

    Attached is a virtual screenshot from the first incident today, showing the closing message and the related diagnostic detail.

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      Site-specific problems can be related to files in your browser cache, cookies you have stored for the site, plugins used by the site, interactions with your add-ons, partial page filtering by your security software or services, or a temporary glitch with the site itself. And probably other things. smile

      For starters, clear your cache and delete your monster.com/www.monster.com cookies:

        Cache: Tools > Clear Private Data (uncheck everything except cache)

        Cookies: Tools > Options > Privacy > “Show Cookies” — carefully remove the site’s cookies individually, do NOT click remove “all” unless you really want to remove all your cookies (there is no undo for this dialog)[/list]If that doesn’t help, you could try starting in Firefox’s safe mode. After closing all Firefox windows, you can start in safe mode from the Mozilla Firefox group on the Start menu. Be careful not to permanently reset your settings unless you have backed up your Firefox profile folder.

        Any luck?

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        – Clearing cache and cookies didn’t work.
        – Starting FF in Safe Mode worked.
        I have disabled two of my several (7!) running extensions, but the subject web page still hangs. I will now sequentially disable each extension (Adblock Plus and NoScript are likely villians) until the guilty extension is identified.
        Thanks for your response.

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          I suspect that it is NoScript add-on that is causing your problems – I received an update and my problems stopped – FF would just hang and looking at the resources, the CPU was running at about 95% – no problems since getting the latest version of NoScript.

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            That is exactly what happened with me. I isolated it to NoScript, then I received that notification about the NoScript update. I updated, and the problem was solved.

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