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    A few days ago Firefox switched to opening windows about 1/2 size and located at the bottom left of the screen. I assume I did something, but I don’t know where to look in about:config to fix this. Can someone help?

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      a similar thing is affecting mine. It ignores the window setting from the last time it was open.

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      Does this correct if you Restore Up (‘full screen’), and Close? Then re-Open.

      Windows is remembering that the window for ‘this program’ was last closed as a reduced-sized window. “So the user prefers this program in a smaller size? OK, I can do that.”

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      What Version of Firefox and what Version of Windows are you using?

      Experience is that marvelous thing that enables you recognize a mistake as soon as you make it again.

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      about:config setting privacy.<wbr />resistFingerprinting if set to true will make Firefox always open in a non-full screen window

      This also controls a group of other settings related to fingerprinting.

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      Yes, I changed that setting. It would be nice to have known of this side effect, but I can certainly live with it for the added protection I’m getting.

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