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    Didn’t think this disaster would be my 1st post

    Was trying to update Ffox to ver. 100 from USER acct where it was initially installed. Went to the offered update link, as only admin account offers ‘updating’ vs user needs ‘download’. (Never understood that as Ffox was orig installed via User account)
    Downloaded firefox 100.exe (vs just firefox.exe!).
    Clicked on firefox Setup 100.0.exe by accident, Admin pswd prompt popped up, realized my error, hit the ‘x’ to cancel out, did not enter pswd nor accept/decline. Yet Ffox installed itself in bground anyway?
    It installed another version & profile, another desktop icon, another Ffox in start menu in User?

    * To note my previous user ark profile still works. I want to keep it as it is my arkenfox one.*

    Remediated steps taken:
    1. Backed up User Ark orig profile folder (was on latest 99 ver).
    2. created restore point
    3. via user my Ark ffox profile, downloaded and ran ‘firefox.exe’, it applied and worked.
    3. via User, Settings>Apps showed 2 Ffox. Uninstalled “new” one, as it easily showed time of the “new” install. Uninstaller ran, showed ‘uninstalled’. That removed the extra Ffox program listed there in Settings, but NOT desktop icon, nor 2nd Ffox icon in Start menu, nor the “new” profile (non-default)
    4. created a post uninstall restore point via Admin. Restarted PC. Disk cleanup.
    5. In USER acct: 2nd new, non-default profile STILL present in ‘Roaming’ folder. Deleted new profile via FFox profile manager. Deleted orphaned FFox desktop icon.

    Result: User Ffox desktop icon goes to correct Ark profile. BUT still 2 Ffox icons in User Start Menu. Windows Settings>Apps & Features shows only 1 Ffox now.
    User Ctrl Panel>programs & features shows 2 Ffox installs, no timestamp beside, same date. One has Ffox icon, one simply windows generic Ffox. (which do I uninstall? Don’t want to lose my current/ongoing secure profile)

    *Note in checking Admin account, there is only one Ffox icon in Start menu. BUT upon opening Ffox, says “looks like you reinstalled Ffox, want to refesh?” Control panel>programs and features here shows only one Ffox install and Mozilla maint service.

    Any way to figure out which to uninstall? Anyway out of this mess and rid system of this crud, maintain User profile vs having to uninstall/reinstall and reconfig? New to Macrium Reflect, have never had to restore, last image was May 1.


    Win 10 Pro 21H2 GP edit ‘2’, TRV win 10 21H2.

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      Can you see a user profile both in admin and in your user account?

      Susan Bradley Patch Lady

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        There are different/separate profiles in each. 2 in each actually, default and default-release. (default-release are of course the profiles in operation when opening Ffox).

        Update: clicked again on each Ffox icon in User Start menu to see where it would take me. This time, one stated ‘program is no longer, do you want to delete?’. Seems the 2 installs are now distinct per account (Admin/User). Unless there is something wrong with this unfortunate new setup, I’ll assume it’s ‘fine’.

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      Try each one one, the Uninstall for the correct install one might ask you for Administrator privilege.

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      This may still be helpful for you now and future people who find this topic:

      After testing Mozilla Firefox setup (Firefox Installer.exe) will now install Firefox to “*\Users\(replace this with your User account name)\AppData\Local\Mozilla Firefox” if you decline to install as Administrator.

      (If you have panicked and uninstalled every Firefox instance, install Firefox again.)

      You may be able to simply delete that newer standard user install in AppData\Local. If you have your still have original first installation you can verify if you will need restore that older working profile by opening Firefox by going in to the Help menu (Alt+H) and look in More Troubleshooting Information. If you see the old profile name you may not have to do anything more except verifying the current settings and deleting the extra unused profiles.

      If you backed up the old profile data before deleting everything, restore it to “*\Users\(replace this with your User account name)\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles”.

      Profiles can be managed inside Firefox by typing in the Address Bar “about:profiles”, the profile names containing “default-release” can be deleted if Firefox was/is restored to normal use for your expectation.

      *Change that to the drive letter where the user data is, usually C:

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      Thank you Anon,

      In User acct, my error was in clicking on the Firefox Setup 100.0.exe d/load which strangely came down the chute from verified linked Moz site vs the normal Firefox Installer.exe. Resulted in the double install, rgdless of ‘x’ out.

      I uninstalled the ‘newest’ listed in user Stgs>apps, but kept earlier one, which thankfully preserved my orig user Profile, but changed Admin profile. It left remnants, I removed as above. Though it had already installed in my Admin account, it left User profile so I could then execute the update after via trying link again, rec’d Firefox installer.exe in my user d/loads.

      Carefully watch what shows up in your d/loads, as Ffox doesn’t let you know until you read it once d/loaded! As well, I found if you delete past months ‘Firefox installer.exe’ from d/loads, you won’t see the prompt “replace Firefox installer.exe?” which indicates you are doing an update.

      In my case, I am left with some odd symbiotic relationship between the “new’ admin Ffox and the user. And ‘default-release’ is and has always has been the default profile in both accounts? ‘Default’ is separate and changes to ‘-release’ after/ongoing 1st update post Dec install. Admin Profile name/ID changed, both default/default-release. Under FFox ‘Help, troubleshooting Info’, Profiles show (10th entry down) that it did indeed change profile ID in the Admin, stayed static in User.

      FWIW, These may lead a clue to you wise ones as to which account is now handling the control/updates, what to uninstall or leave as is.

      Admin Control panel>Programs and features 1st, User Control panel>Programs 2nd screen shot:


      Admin Control panel post debacle
      User control panel post debacle

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      Hi Deo:

      Just note the uninstalling the Firefox program from Control Panel | Programs | Programs and Features only removes the Firefox application installed at C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox, but by design this does not remove the Firefox user profile stored at C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\. The Mozilla support article Profiles – Where Firefox Stores Your Bookmarks, Passwords and Other User Data notes that:

      “… Your profile folder is stored in a separate place from the Firefox program so that, if something ever goes wrong with Firefox, your information will still be there. It also means that you can uninstall Firefox without losing your settings and you don’t have to reinstall Firefox to clear your information or troubleshoot a problem…

      I normally type firefox.exe -P into a Run dialog box to start the Firefox Profile Manager as instructed in the Mozilla support article Profile Manager – Create, Remove or Switch Firefox Profiles if I want to delete an old user profile or change which profile is used by default when Firefox is launched.

      If you right-click on the full offline installer (e.g., Firefox Setup 100.0.exe) and choose Run as Administrator (or, I assume, install while logged in as an Administrator) then Firefox can be installed “for all users” (i.e., one installation at C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox), and then individual users can customize their extensions, bookmarks, etc. using their own Firefox profile. If you launch the Firefox Profile Manager after logging in to Windows with your Admin or User account you should then be able to choose which Firefox user profile will be used by default for that particular Windows account (username).
      Dell Inspiron 5584 * 64-bit Win 10 Pro v21H2 build 19044.1645 * Firefox v100.0.0

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        Thank you Imacri, not able to run firefox.exe -P in User account? Works in Admin account, showing only Admin profile of course. When in User: App data>User>Roaming shows ALL “User” profiles. App data>local shows only current operational user profile, not any other profiles previously saved there. Those only show up when I open User Ffox>help>troubleshooting info>open “profile folder”. Unable to reach them any other way?

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      Just note the uninstalling the Firefox program from Control Panel

      Never use Microsoft’s poor uninstall.
      Use free 3rd party apps like geek uninstaller, revo uninstaller…any will be better than Microsoft.

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        Thx Alex5723, am searching Revo Uninstaller Free portable as I type, may come in handy:)

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        Never use Microsoft’s poor uninstall

        The uninstall is written by the software, not MS. When the software installs, it tells Windows installer to perform certain actions. Uninstall reverses those actions.
        If the software subsequently adds / changes other things then Windows uninstall can’t remove the change.

        3rd party uninstallers have a database of changes and use that to remove software. It’s a choice to manually collect that information in the hope of selling you their product.

        cheers, Paul

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      Thanks all, wasn’t able to dig in until today. Issues persist.

      Imacri, first clue larger problems are indeed afoot: was unable to run command firefox.exe -P from User account. “windows cannot find ‘firefox.exe’. (Works fine from Admin account, even offline, not from User acct.) * User was where I installed orig ffox Dec.

      Took a peek in registry, there are a couple more Mozilla entries than usual.

      Looked in Event Viewer in both Admin & User:  Numerous ongoing ‘errors’ ‘Firefox default browser Agent can’t be found.’ 0x80072EE7 in IsAgentRemoteDisabledInternal:68

      On May 8, date of this install debacle, event viewer shows Application Errors in User:

      Faulting module name ntdll.dll, faulting path:C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe, faulting module path: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\ntdll.dll . If pics help, pls advise.

      Both Admin & User Ffox boot & browse. Arkenfox is the User profile as of Jan, is fine.

      Unsure if above is helpful. My orig ffox install on this freshly installed older Dell was through User account in Dec. All was fine. Lightly (non-chrome/no google) used. (Wrongly or rightly told too always exclusively install programs thru User account leaving Admin solely for updates & antivirus install?). I digress.

      Any reco’s on next steps? Am I looking at a USB b/up of my profile User tweaked Ark profile, then uninstall all Ffox, use revo free to clean up registry, then reinstalling Ffox and HOPE my profile imports?

      Or am I overthinking things? Only moderately tech astute. Add Patch Tues, winshowhide is doing odd things,  and grey hair begins! Appreciate the help.

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      3rd party uninstallers have a database of changes and use that to remove software. It’s a choice to manually collect that information in the hope of selling you their product.

      Good 3rd party FREE uninstallers scan for orphan folders, registry entries and remove them, something the Windows uninstaller doesn’t do.
      If 3rd party uninstallers can do that so should Microsoft.

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        Just looked up Geek Uninstaller portable free. Admin/User acct are sandboxed (ie haven’t given Admin permission to access User to keep them seperate) Should I try running the uninstaller from Admin 1st? If it uninstalls FF from Admin, would it give me the option to look for orphans in User if program is uninstalled?

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      As per my orig post, seems I installed the Setup file in user (orig install was here), then perhaps uninstalled the (new) wrong one via User? IDK. Run ‘Firefox.exe -P’ no longer works from User. Only Admin.

      Both Admin & User profiles (FFox>Help>troubleshooting info)  show “update”  history back to orig install. Yet, I presume, after installing Firefox Setup.100.o.exe vs Firefox Installer.exe, then uninstalling the newly downloaded & installed 100 SETUP.exe, that went into Admin (even with ‘x’ out vs “Accept or decline” when presented with UAC pop up in my User account and it double installed), I’m left with this mess. Though they operate, doesn’t feel right?

      I will await comments or save b/up of profile, at least bookmarks, and begin again after uninstall via windows uninstall of all 3 Ffox installs via ctrl panel (?) screen shot above.

      Can’t seem to trust UAC these days it seems, mine set to high, & no accept/decline nor Admin pswd inputted from User pop up for this incident of Ffox update.

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        Backup you good profiles again, and uninstall all instances of Firefox. First from Administrator, and then log in as standard, uninstall that one. (Note: You may be able to uninstall both instances as Administrator.)
        Reboot, and then as Administrator install Firefox. For each account launch Firefox and in the address bar type about:profiles. you can make Firefox use the correct profile in that page.

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      Total removal after backup of profile to thumb drive attempt… Didn’t work.

      Thru Admin account, was able to delete “Mozilla Firefox” via Settings>Add& remove programs. Same with User. When there was true Mozilla Icon vs generic (see below).

      BUT when I tried to delete the ‘generic’ Mozilla icon (see my post & pics 2445435), which only shows up in User control panel, I got this pop up:

      1st-warning-for-ask-woody-generic-icon, and this left in Ctrl Panel: 1st-warning-for-ask-woody-generic-icon2

      I signed out of Admin account and back in User got this:


      Selected “Yes”. All good? Not so fast!

      Prior to/after deletion, I dug in. I perused Ffox profiles, both Admin & User looking for what was linking them.  My clue was anomaly: in each Profile “Update Folder” AND under “Program Data” showing, and remains:


      Hope the above helps others, reason I posted my saga.

      In MY case, am still looking for help, as I believe this stemmed from a collision of an update of my standalone Firefox Portable (in my C:/User/{username}/My Portable Apps folder) ? It has been there since Jan, no problems or profile overlap.  I haven’t used that portable app; it is a backup for emerg, I keep it updated. Yet it should be noted that it shares ‘Program Data’ folders with all other Ffox profiles in Prog Data (who knew), and after the portable app update May 5, this joining occurred. No blame, it states on their website there is a “known issues” as per  https://portableapps.com/support/firefox_portable ?

      Personally, not sure what I am to do now. Though I deleted the portable Firefox app folder that has done nothing for me, the screen shot above shows it is still somehow in play in Program Data.


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      I don’t see the issue.
      The update folder is a re-directed Program Files folder, nothing unusual there.

      Did you delete all profiles manually after the uninstall (before re-install)?

      cheers, Paul

      • #2446945

        I have not yet re-installed. Other than main roaming profiles, there should be nothing there? The old  ‘update folder’ is stuck as shown and unusual, has never been in that location nor named this way prior to debacle.  i.e  Program Data Mozilla-ide4eec..etc. . It didn’t delete.User-post-foced-uninstall-via-ctrl-panel-remnants


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      Make a backup and then delete those folders.
      Reinstall FF and let us know.

      cheers, Paul

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      Thank you, will do. As soon as I have the chance to sit down at the PC for lengthy time; life gets in the way. As do all the colliding updates. (Trying to outrun the next imminent Ffox update, kept the Setup. 100.0 on USB, hope it will work, then config new Ark if profile b/up doesn’t work.)


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      Probs persist:
      I copied/pasted User Roaming profile to a User/Docs folder for safe-keeping.
      I deleted EVERY roaming profile in each Admin and User account, and any ‘Mozilla’ empty folder I could find. No folders/traces left in App Data- Roaming, Local, Program files or ProgramData etc.
      Disk cleanup, restart.

      Downloaded a fresh copy of the latest Ffox Win x64 100.0.2.
      Installed via my Admin account as advised. (Did not reuse any previous profiles b/ups).

      Proceeded to profiles via ‘about:profiles’. In both Admin/User, “default-release” were set as the default profile.

      Started from scratch: in User 1st, created a new profile ‘Privacy”, set to default, redid my Arkenfox from scratch. Works fine. Kept the ‘default-release‘ profile there, as is no longer default.

      Admin account, ‘run’ firefox.exe -P works there, created new profile ‘Privacy’, set to default. TIP: Use this in ‘run’ dialog box from User account to get to ‘profiles’ if not in Admin:  “C:Program FilesMozilla Firefoxfirefox.exe” -P  (use quotation marks)

      As per above directions to remove profiles that are not needed nor default, I deleted the ‘default-release’ profile in Admin acct, as I had changed the default & worked.

      All ‘profiles’ folders path in both accounts go to respective C:Users{user name}AppdataRoamingMozillaFirefoxProfiles{gobblegook.default} folders. Seen in both ‘run’ profile options and Ffox: Help> ‘More Troubleshooting Information’. ‘about:profiles’ in address bar does NOT work consistently when Ffox is open in both accounts at same time.

      Proceeded to ‘Ark’up my Admin Privacy default profile. ‘updater.bat’ script stuck on ‘resuming‘. Odd. Check of Ffox menu Help> About> resulted in ‘another instance is in use’. Ffox was open in User account. Screenshot was from prior to Ark up.Ffox-running-by-another-instance-Admin-new-Ffox-install


      Closed Ffox in User = access to ‘About’ in Admin finally available.
      Open Ffox in Admin, head over to User account = same error in About “another instance is in use”.

      Seems like there is something very wrong to not be able to have Ffox open in each separate account at the same time. Has never been a prob.

      [In my User account, Ffox desktop shortcut properties show as an .lnk file, with a location of C:Users\Public\Desktop, folder path C:Users\Public\Public Desktop? Security tab doesn’t show User, only System, Admin, & ‘INTERACTIVE’?] No User? Never had this issue before on any PC. I do not think it has to do with Ffox versions, nor Arkenfox, as the issue occurred prior to my orig post, and now with normal ‘vanilla’ profiles too.] Importing the few bookmarks from the b/up profile post the above from old profile, bookmarkbackups .jsonlz4 file was fine.

      * FWIW the oddly named folder (see screen shot in my post above 2446945) of ‘ProgramData’ re-emerged again after deleting and re-downloading Librewolf portable zip as per PkCano’s instructions in post 2444680 today to rule out . Yet since pre/post Ffox reinstall, all Ffox ‘update’ folders and profile counts go there, as well as Librewolf. Could this be a Librewolf Portable issue? Though Librewolf portable is not running during above FFox issues.Too bad, it is a mighty fine portable – slow on a thumb drive, but brilliant when using from C:/My Portables/~Librewolf.exe.

      Would doing May’s updates help? Stymied. No other browser other than Chredge. Anything else I could do/check for corruption? Lightly used, but my only PC, need to update other programs i.e. b/up iphone to itunes etc. TY

      • #2448544

        Sorry for the poorly written post, was tired after the 6 hour process, days of pulling hair out. (Didn’t realize can’t edit a post after submitting & logging out.).

        Can confirm: if Ffox is open in both Admin & User, both show “Firefox is being updated by another instance”.

        I truly don’t know what I am dealing with here, nor what next steps to take. Have I completely destroyed my system by my initial errors? Is a costly trip to a repair shop my only option?

    • #2448418

      Is Arkenfox the issue?

      cheers, Paul

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        Thank you Paul T, I ran across that too in my research. However the above occurs with non-Ark, fresh vanilla profiles, hours prior to my Arkenfox diddling, with the new install/profiles?

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      Seems this post has been abandoned. If beyond help, PLEASE advise. I merely finally signed up to AW as I believe in the site and each of you. Ironically, this happened days later.

      As I am left in the Ffox above state, I ask merely 3 questions:

      1. Is this normal?: from my above post 2448415  “In my User account, Ffox desktop shortcut properties show as an .lnk file, with a location of C:Users\Public\Desktop, folder path C:Users\Public\Public Desktop? Security tab doesn’t show User, only System, Admin, & ‘INTERACTIVE’?”

      2. Is this normal?: “Firefox is being updated by another instance” even after taking Ark out of the equation, post-reinstall?

      3. Is my system (&/or registry) now corrupt?: Do I need to do what I have seen mentioned as an ominous task for a newb “in place repair” to fix? Or is my PC completely hooped by this?

      Give it to me straight. Input appreciated.

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      ? says:

      Deo, never lose hope. all i can offer is what works for me. i just pulled ff v100 from a linux box and installed -esr v91. it had no button boxes in the Settings. i uninstalled it and reinstalled it and it is fixed. in my windows days i would nuke program files and search the registry when removing malware or unwanted programs. i wish i could help you with your specific problem i know how frustrating it can be and i hope you find a satisfactory remedy…

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      A restore point from before the original upgrade attempt might resolve things.

      Win 10 home - 22H2
      Attitude is a choice...Choose wisely

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        Good pt. A restore pt from 2 wks ago would impact all my other prog updates since then incl ph b/ups? Had queried Macrium Reflect restore option in orig post.. Hindsight 20/20! (Was delayed in tending to due to thinking easy fix & relative passed away, focus on pics prog.) Too bad all updates occur at same time each month these days?

        • #2449165

          A restore pt from 2 wks ago would impact all my other prog updates since then incl ph b/ups? Had queried Macrium Reflect restore option in orig post.

          Using a restore point

          won’t affect your personal files, but it will remove apps, drivers, and updates installed after the restore point was made.

          Microsoft Link

          Regardless, you should backup all your data to separate media.

          Restoring a Macrium Reflect image will replace everything on the drive with the Macrium Reflect image.

          My condolences on the passing of your relative.

          Win 10 home - 22H2
          Attitude is a choice...Choose wisely

          • #2449243

            Thk you, not easy losing your father. Earliest restore point (of 7, config’d to 100g so lots of room) is after this began. An intel update snuck in on May 11th, did away with that option.

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      an ominous task for a newb “in place repair”

      Don’t be afraid if it comes to that (I’m not saying you must, right now). Make sure your libraries are in their default locations (if you previously moved them), that you have an adequate amount of free space on C: (16Gb, IIRC), that all drives are named as well as lettered and that you have backed up your data.
      There are several guides to the reinstallation, the original seems to be by the recently retired Fred Langa. Search this website, Windows Club and MajorGeeks. Good luck.

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      • #2449036

        Yet would an inplace repair fix registry issues? Haven’t done one, but read it ‘retains apps’?

      • #2449047

        Thank you Zig! Hopefully won’t come to that. According to Macrium Reflect free, none of my drives/partitions are named ie “C (no name)”?

        • #2449132

          Generally speaking, the operating system is installed on the drive Lettered (not named) C:. All drives should have Names associated with them to avoid any uncertainty about where to restore to if doing an in-place reinstall.  As an example, I have drives named System, Data, Backup, etc.

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      Thank you Zig! Hopefully won’t come to that. According to Macrium Reflect free, none of my drives/partitions are named ie “C (no name)”?

      Windows OS is always installed on C drive.

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      • #2449258

        Here’s mine, I assume the extra M/R is it’s own partition.

      • #2449268

        Windows OS makes the drive its installed on into C drive. This may or may not be the first disk and is almost never the first partition post W7.

        cheers, Paul

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      Thank you all, thus far lots to noodle & do. Must get May’s updates in!

      My game plan (after M/Reflect diff b/up, b/up files sans anythingFF to b/up drive, restore pt):

      1. Try to uninstall Ffox via Admin (where the latest was installed) May use Geek Uninstaller.

      2. Delete any FF remnants from both Ad/user accts

      3. Install May updates (knowing full well doing so will delete restore pts), reinstall FF fresh, forego past profiles. If stable, import bookmarks. I’m sure during all this there will be something else that needs an ‘urgent’ update, ain’t life grand!

      Could be flogging a dead horse but path of least resistance 1st to get functioning? Better d/load ISO 1st. If I’ve missed something, pls let me know. TIA

    • #2449289

      Try this:

      • Open an administrative command prompt (CMD)
      • Type: DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth
      • When finished, type: sfc /scannow
      • When finished, reboot

      Save your Firefox profile — the one you want to keep — on an external drive.

      Download the Revo Uninstaller Free version:

      Use it to uninstall Firefox. Make sure you use the Advanced option which cleans up the registry and the option to delete Firefox files.


      Now install May updates.

      Carpe Diem {with backup and coffee}
      offline▸ Win10Pro 2004.19041.572 x64 i3-3220 RAM8GB HDD Firefox83.0b3 WindowsDefender
      offline▸ Acer TravelMate P215-52 RAM8GB Win11Pro 22H2.22621.674 x64 i5-10210U SSD Firefox106.0 MicrosoftDefender
      online▸ Win11Pro 22H2.22621.1194 x64 i5-9400 RAM16GB HDD Firefox110.0b6 MicrosoftDefender
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      • #2449360

        Thank you for your reply. Before I get going with the dism & scannow, query:

        I use winshowhide and have hidden updates, and have many gpedit stgs as per AK2000016 and others tweaks (I’m Win10 Pro 21H2 & metered connection is on) : will  they be affected?

    • #2449385

      Dism completed. No errors. (* had to use command DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth without the “.exe”, as posted command threw error 87)

      sfc /scannow showed errors. Attached is parts of the CBS.log showing only the errors/repairs. In the event anyone can see if they pertain to my Ffox scenario.

      Proceeding with restore pt, another M/R bup, then d/load revo…

    • #2452110

      Sorry, been urgently away from PC.

      Uninstall of FFox via revo using ‘advanced’ from Admin, then uninstall ‘Mozilla maintenance’ listed separately uninstalled everything in Admin only.  Did NOT uninstall any User account icons (non-operational), program folders, app data local/roaming folders there, all profiles from months ago in User still in there. No program listed in control panel to uninstall. None in revo to uninstall.

      * The odd Program Data folder shown in above post #2446945 “Program Data| Mozilla 1dee4eec8-1241..” which had both admin/ user, persisted yet now only linked to the User app data. Deleting ‘roaming app data’ was not allowed at the time. Strange “~nsua.tmp” in local app data from May 22.

      Interesting to note: both portable apps Ffox portable & Librewolf portable, under separate folder (C:My portable apps), had links to that same odd program data folder. Librewolf portable as well had it’s own folders under program files, app data, even after deleting all portable apps? It too was linked.

      I manually deleted ALL folders above, restarted, created Full M/R backup. Updated May Win updates via winshowhide. Have yet to reinstall FFox, gunshy & was offsite.

      FWIW, I dug into portable anomalies, here’s what I found re: program data folders:


      and https://portableapps.com/node/65188

      Might offer puzzle pieces to those in the know. Looks like I’m not the only one with issues there. Hope Librewolf steps up on that front?

      Net net: Left with multiple restore points, including a weird ‘orphan’ that I’m trying to figure out how to get rid of from the date of this saga. Not feeling too confident in this beast!

      Thank you all for your kind persistent assistance!

      • #2452134

        Net net: Left with multiple restore points, including a weird ‘orphan’ that I’m trying to figure out how to get rid of from the date of this saga. Not feeling too confident in this beast!

        Use Disk Cleanup as Administrator. The second tab allows deletion of all but the latest Restore Point.

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        • #2452880

          Thank you. Assume this will impact Macrium backups as per my posts  2452083 and 2452878? (sorry, can’t figure out how to link those posts in blue for your ease of reference)

    • #2453000

      Don’t mean to intrude on this thread (feel free to ket me know to start a new one), but it caught my eye as I had a VSS error on a MR backup few mos ago, and a Win vss event, didn’t know what to do thus created a fresh new full backup on same ext drive, new .xml.  Reading that it impacts restore points, I have 17 manual ones from a troubleshooting scenario, one ‘orphan’, maybe to do with that, wondering whether I can simply delete all restore points except for last without it affecting VSS or M/R? Or if orphan is to do with vss & MR. VSS is on manual.

      Don’t know how to link this thread if I were to create new post. (Timely post Bromberg, thx!)

      Using Macriun 8 free, hence no access to support. Error shows up in MR log as ‘90’ for one backup set. So I just delete those backups, delete restore pts, create a brand new backup on ext drive?

      As has been said, restore points do not affect VSS or MR.

      Make an MR backup and check the MR logs to see if you had any errors. If so, search the MR support forum or ask here.

      cheers, Paul

      p.s. to link a post, right click on the post number and copy the link. Paste it into your post

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