• First run Win10 v1803 on external hdd: setup hangs

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    Hi guys, hope you can help me with the following:

    (Since Win10 is still a risk to employ, I decided to go struggle with it on an external hdd in order to keep my existing Win7 on my internal drive unblemished.)

    With the help of a freeware tool called WinToUsb (as mentioned in the article “How to install Windows on an external drive) I managed to install Win10 v1803 on the external/usb drive. So far, so good.
    After giving the drive boot priority, Windows 10 does start, but after the logo appears and disappears the spinning dots just keep spinning for hours and hours and set up does not start/continue.

    Do you know what is the cause or rather: the remedy?

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      This is an interesting possibility…new to me but thought I would ask are you using USB 3.1 and Thunderbolt 3 connections ? I have usb3.1 but no thunderbolt3 connection-



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      Don’t know what the state of play there is with Drivers sounds like you may need Adddl. Drivers added to your Win10 Image although if its the same Win10.ISO that you used on your system in theory you should be good to go.
      Last one I did was Win8.1 Ent to a USB and it worked a treat, obviously your USB has to have space and be compatible for this to work mine was a Kingston, USB3, and for Some reason M$ only validates/and or certifies certain Brands of USB Stick for that purpose: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/deployment/planning/windows-to-go-overview
      For me after adding Drivers to the image via DISM it was as easy as;
      dism /apply-image /imagefile:C:\Win10\install.wim /applydir:Z:\ /index:1
      bcdboot Z:\windows
      Z=USB Drive
      index=index number applicable, either eg 1=Pro 2=Home or 3=Edu
      Not the real/actual numbers but you get the idea.
      Naturally on many machines you need to select in the BIOS if you want to boot from USB stick, only use the initial BCD CMD on a permanently attached USB setup or just to get started i.e. to reach first Desktop.

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        Yes, might be a driver problem.
        I don’t know bout Adddl and adding drivers to the iso, but I will look into that. Thanks.

        And it’s not a stick/pendrive but an external/usb ‘WesternDigital Elements’ 1TB drive, but I will check the link you provided.

        BTW, just to be clear about the procedure I took:
        This is NOT done with ‘Windows To go’ and NOT an installation FROM a usb stick.
        Win10 was installed directly on the WD drive using WinToUsb, a free tool to fool any Windows-iso to perform a full installation on an external drive (which they normally do not allow).

        * * * * * HAPPY 2019 * * * * *

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      @leaningtowardslinux Taking another look at the Utility for install Win10 on other Drives, I note it has the ability to install into VHD(X) could just try creating a VHD/VHDX on your Drive either Manually See Below
      Or allow that Utility to create a VHD(X) and see if that works.
      Golden Rules
      Win’s 10, 8.1 all editions have no trouble either being Guest or Host in a VHD(X)
      Win7 however theres a few caveats alas Win7 editions Ent and Ult can only run in a VHD only VHDX (Virtual Hard Drive eXspandable) all editions is a no go.
      Win7 in my experience can see and write Data from Pro Ult and Ent, but can not see or Write data to a VHDX.

      To attach a VHD from Boot (has to be done every time after initial Setup) use: https://www.medo64.com/vhdattach/ installed to Win7 Main OS. Nice little util 🙂 !!
      That should get you going after creating your VHD in Win7 Disk management dont forget to Right click and Initialise from left hand Box and Right click on created Disk Format, assign Letter and/or name. The stuff I posted above works as its good for all forms of DISM /APPLY Partitions etc hope that works for ya and all the best for the New Year, dont have to waste all night with this enjoy the New Years as theres always next year 😉

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        Thanks, Bobby.

        This goes way above my technical hat. However, I will also take a look at this.
        But I won’t be spending much time on it. If it gets too complicated, I will get a second internal drive to avoid these complications and will find good/other use for the external drive.


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