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    Is there a way to change the Footnote Text style in Word 97 so that the footnote number is flush with the left margin and the text starts .5 in without having to hit the tab key?

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      Redefine the style.

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      I looked into that, Dave. I made it a hanging indent, but it won’t work because there’s no “tab” character between the footnote number and the text. If they want that, they’ll have to type a tab character before they type in the footnote text. Hence….edit all of the footnotes in an existing document to include a tab as the first character. Of course, I wasn’t thinking that this person might be willing to do that right? (Duh!)

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        Redefining the style doesn’t work. Nope they don’t want to have to keep hitting the tab key.

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          Sometimes life’s just not fair! Here’s a series of work-arounds for you, though:

          First — redine the style so you have your .5″ hanging indent.

          Second — to ease insertion of tabs at beginning of existing FNs, the users should Click on View / Normal then View / Footnotes — at least then their all in one place and easy to navigate. You could record a macro which does this, but unless there’s more than maybe 10 or 15 (or they want to conform multiple documents to this format), it’s more hassle than it’s worth.

          Third — Record a simple macro (toolbar or shortcut key according to your user’s preference) to inserts the footnote and a tab.

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