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    I have the following code in an unbound control on a report in Access 2000:
    =IIf([au]”,[au] & ” “,”) & [ti] & “. ” & [jf] & ” ” & [yr] & “:” & [vl] & IIf([is]”,”(” & [is] & “);”,”;”) & [sp] & IIf([ep]”,”-” & [ep],”) & “.”

    How can I make [jf] print out in italics?



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      If you’re trying to make just one part of the expression print in italics, you can’t. However, you could try using code in the OnFormat event of the section header to set the FontItalic property of the control to true or false, depending on the value.

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        Because I couldn’t find anything in the help files, I figured that might be the case, unfortunately. I would like to print out a bibliographic reference list, and it would be nice if I could italicize/bold some sections of each citation.

        Oh, well, time to take the bibliography back into Reference Manager, which _can_ do the formatting.

        Thanks for the advice, though!


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          If you’re desparate to italicize only one part, you’ll have to put it into a separate field and only populate it based on a formula. Then you can set the format to FontItalic for that control and it will only show up when there’s a value in it.

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            I realized that the separate field was an option, but to conserve paper (the report is 168 pages as is!), I really need the concatenated field.

            I found the answer on the microsoft.public.access.reports newsgroup, in a response to a message from ‘glider’. It does require some coding, but a good example is provided at http://www.lebans.com/Report.htm%5B/url%5D. This should answer all my needs when I get time to work on it.

            Thanks for your help.


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