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    I’m still getting used to the various navigation links that are available here. The one link that I can’t seem to find is a direct link to the Forum page — that, to me, is the one that would be the “table of contents”, the one that shows all the topics available, the beginning point that leads me to all the other pages. Of course, there is the Home > Forum navigation near the top of the page, but how about placing a Forums link under the “AskWoody Lounge” navigation listing that is on the right-hand side?

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      You are right. There are a lot of forums. So how about listing them alphabetically ?
      It would help control the duplication already on offer, and hopefully eliminate the chance of dual topics.

      example 1
      Questions: Vista. XP back to 3.1
      Windows Vista XP and earlier

      example 2
      Question: Windows 7
      Windows 7

      You have a number of Moderators to ease your workload. Any chance you know a good librarian. They know exactly how to expand/contract/combine “physical” book space on shelves to enable easy searches and maintain order. If you think there is any merit in this suggestion, I will happily ask my local librarian for ideas.

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      When I read that Woody, I thought he was talking about a ‘Button’ right next to “Home” maybe? At the very least a Clickable under “The AskWoody Lounge” …

      Yes, that is closer to what I was originally suggesting. However, now that the topics within each Forum are growing by leaps and bounds (in just a couple of days, no less!), I can see that the Forums page shows only a smattering of the topics. I had thought from previous boards and forums I have been on, that the Forums page would show a listing of all the topics within each Forum. That being the case, I have to rethink the original suggestion.

      Ah, I see there is now a Forums list on the right side of each page! Let me work with that for a few days.

      One thing is fer sure … this AskWoody site is WONDERFUL!! As terrific as it was during the GWX wars, it is evolving into one of the best and most informative sites for Windows (and beyond) I’ve come across in a long time. Thanks Woody!

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      Is there a way to have a link within a post open up in a new tab or window, as I usually lose where I was at in the forum and then have to drill back down – not critical – I’m just lazy 🙂

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        That should be possible.

        You can always hold down Ctrl when you click the link. That accomplishes the same thing.

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        I can right click on a link and get a menu that lets me open it in a new tab. Not techy, so don’t know if that happens for everyone, or just my browser, or some setting somewhere. Maybe work for you?

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      Thanks jmwoods, I was indeed able to find that URL. The question/suggestion is, though, Is that link useful enough to put it somewhere on the Home page or the Navigation listing that is on the right side of every page?

      For me personally, I have a feeling I will wind up using that as my entry point into AskWoody since everything I’d want to look at here appears to start from that page.

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      @ owburp

      Or u can click on the “Forums” hypertext on the top part of this page, ie
      “Home › Forums › AskWoody Central › Suggestions about improving the Lounge › Forum Link Suggestion”

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      Good suggestion. I’ll do it right now. What do you think?

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      I also found a widget to list all of the forums – and there are many. I put it above the Links section.

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      When I read that Woody, I thought he was talking about a ‘Button’ right next to “Home” maybe? At the very least a Clickable under “The AskWoody Lounge”.

      Another nicety would be to make the Titles like “Forum” clickable too…. 😀

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