• Free m4a & wma > mp3 converter?


    I have gotten several recommendations, none of which I find as perfect. What are the recommendations from this forum? Thanks.

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      When you word a request in that manner, I wouldn’t even try to answer without knowing what the several are that are not perfect. evilgrin You could take a look at this thread to see if there is anything there that answers YOUR question too: post 677,037.

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        Good point.

        I checked out that thread first, but it is really not the same thing. The WindowsXP program for example, is for converting mp3 to wma — which is the opposite of what I am looking for.

        I have been recommended to try SUPER, but there is something distinctly weird about the people that make that program. I have also looked into dB PowerAmp, but they are requiring you to pay the $18 fee before you can convert to mp3. OK, not a huge amount of cash, but it used to be free. And I think they are disingenuous about Thompson requiring the fee, when Thompson’s MP3Pro program allows you to convert for free. I have looked briefly at Foorbar, but that seems to be a player first and a converter second — you have to find and download the command line conversion files.

        I really want a simple, easy to use, conversion program that can handle the m4a (AAC) and wma files.

        I hope that helps clarify things! Thanks.

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          I don’t use it, but you could try SAC. You may not be able to convert DRM protected files.

          (Which WindowsXP program were you referring to? In XP MCE, I can convert WAV files to MP3 or WMA.)

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            Ah, but can you convert m4a to mp3?

            Hmmm… (scratches his head). I thought I found the Microsoft Plus! Audio Converter in that thread, but I appear to be mistaken. It is Here. however, it does not explicitly state that is handles AAC/m4a files.

            I have CDex and EAC — and while I think they great programs for what they offer, I don’t believe they convert m4a files as well. It appears to me that AAC and m4a-like files may be ‘the future’ — but then they said that about 8-track cartridges and DAT tapes as well! Regardless, I would like something that can work with m4a files just in case!

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              Did you try Zamzar ???

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              Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe Zamzar is only an online service that you have to sign up for. Ideally I would like a locally run program.

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              Yes and no…. It is an online service, but there is no sign up. You simply enter the URL of the file or the location on your HD, the file format you want to convert to and an email address (a throw-away works fine) and the converted file will be sent to you. Longest I’ve waited on 4 file conversions is about 5 minutes.

              An installed conversion program would, of course, be ideal. But it is not always possible for all situations. As I’m sure you know.

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      I believe that the free version of Switch Audio File Conversion Software will do the job. Only 380KB.


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        Alan, sounds good. I’ll check it later. Hopefully there are no “gotcha’s” at the end!

        Doc, I’ll try it, but it still requires an internet connection — which I don’t always have. And I don’t have any ‘throwaway’ email addresses. I guess they are easy to get, but it is kinda like collecting credit cards that you never use. I always feel like I am going to get burnt somehow in the future if I have too many!! :-]

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        After looking at a few free alternatives I installed this product. It does what it claims to, and has a large number of conversion formats in the free version. I have two words of warning (about the free version, may or may not apply to the paid version):

        1. In my experience the program does not clean up after itself after running conversions – it leaves a a lot of temp*.wav files lying around in documents and settingslocal settingstemp
        2. It installs with a large number (around 24?) of installation links to other products from the same company – they look like standard folders, but if you click them they will ask you to install the additional product, rather than displaying their content.
        3. The product is time limited (which I didn’t see stated anywhere)

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