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    FREE SOFTWARE Freeware Spotlight — Jarte Plus By Deanna McElveen Read the full story in AskWoody Plus Newsletter 17.27.0 (2020-07-013).
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      Have been using for Jarte free for years….a great product

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      I have been using Jarte Plus for years, and was very happy to pay the small amount for the upgrade.  However, now when I have Jarte open and go to Support, I (sadly) get this message:

      Support is no longer provided for Jarte. No further development of the Jarte program is expected.

      If you are a Jarte Plus customer who needs a new download link for Jarte Plus then please note that Jarte Plus is now freely available to everyone and can be downloaded from the Download page.


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      When you read “Jarte can open a DOCX file, however, any editing changes made to the
      file must be saved using RTF or DOC file format” you wonder why anyone would bother using it…


      Plethora means a lot to me.

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        Many people choose an open source, rather than proprietary, format for creating, saving and sending documents. Microsoft Office can open, use, and save open source formats, so exchanging documents does not have to be an issue for those who do not have the Microsoft Office programs.

        Why would someone choose to use a proprietary format that is subject to a corporation’s whims regarding changes and support when there are free open source formats available? Not to mention, but Microsoft’s all encompassing EULA for use of any of their products entitles them to accessing one’s data in any and all forms, even the ‘free’ on-line Office, but you can use Jarte without encountering any such data vacuuming entitlement!

        I really like that Jarte can be placed on a flash drive and used in any available computer (friends, library), which can be a useful option for those that don’t have a computer of their own.

        Non-techy Win 10 Pro and Linux Mint experimenter

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      My point was really that the DOC format (Microsoft proprietary, of course) is regarded as easier to infiltrate with malware, and produces larger files.  DOCX is based on open XML and so is less proprietary!

      Officially, .docx is specified by the ISO/IEC 29500 and ECMA-376 standards, which are based on the format Microsoft proposed to the standardization committees. It’s called Office Open XML.


      Plethora means a lot to me.

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