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    BEST UTILITIES By Deanna McElveen When I find something I need, you get something you need. I decided that I wanted a note-taking program for service
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      I’ve followed the directions for downloading the zip file. I’ve extracted it, and have initiated the Notes Keeper.exe file. I have created a database and now I’m ready to see how it works.

      I noticed that it is not listed under Apps & features. Why not?
      If I decided to uninstall it, how would I do that?

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        Deanna says it’s a portable app.
        That means it does not install on the computer, it executes from wherever the .exe file is located.
        You do not need to uninstall a portable app. Simply deleting it (the files associated with it in the folder where it is unzipped) removes it.

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      So I created a database and now I want to move it to OneDrive. I am currently on my laptop and I DO NOT sync the OneDrive files to the local drive. How do I open the database once I have uploaded it to a file in OneDrive? I want to access the database from my laptop and my workstation (I sync the files on the workstation).

      Is this app available as an Android app? I could not find it and would really like to be able to access it from my Android phone.



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      I have followed your directions for creating an icon image for a file. However, after I right-click on the NK filename and click on ‘set icon’, I get this screen:

      I click on the box that says “Add image 16 x 16” and go to the folder on my laptop where I have icons saved. However, the dialog box insists on a .png file and not an .ico file.

      I can type in the file with the .ico extension but after I press ENTER, it does not show up in the ‘Choose an icon’ dialog box. I have even tried dragging the icon from my laptops’s icon folder to the NK dialog box but it will not ‘take’

      So, just how did you get your fancy ‘diagnostics’ icon into the NK “Choose an icon” dialog box???

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        OK. I discpvered that I had not specifically set the size of the icon to 16 x 16 pixels. After the change in size, it did ‘take’

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      For those of you still following along, Notes Keeper has an update: https://www.oldergeeks.com/downloads/file.php?id=2966

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