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    BEST UTILITIES By Deanna McElveen What’s stopping you from having a 63-character Wi-Fi password? Typing a 63-character Wi-Fi password. The chances of
    [See the full post at: Freeware Spotlight – WPA2Gen]

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      Why on earth does the app need installation ?. What benefits does installation have over portable ?

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      Sorry, and I agree with Alex, but I would use a portable program for this, like Sordum Random Password Generator (which you can set to generate up to 128-character passwords). Or, another favorite, GRC’s Password Generator ( ).  No installation required!

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      how one shares with a trusted guest’s device 63 or 128 characters password?

      • #2412755

        It’s a bit off topic, but, the short answer, you don’t.  Instead, set up a WiFi Guest Account with a simpler-shorter password (instead of 63 or 128 .. use 20 characters .. ha, ha!).

      • #2414933

        Newer Android phones have the option to join a WiFi network using a QR code.  Embedded in the QR code is the SSID, encryption used, the password/key, and if the SSID is hidden.



    • #2413303

      I have no clue why someone would install an app (WPA2Gen) for this: (I use this one) (I have used this one)

    • #2413898

      I used Nir Sofer’s SimpleCodeGenerator v1.00 to generate a QR code for my Wi-Fi’s guest network. Visitors can just scan the printed QR code stuck in my hallway with their phones to connect.

      Generated using (for example):

      SimpleCodeGenerator.exe /Save "WIFI:T:WPA;S:MyGuestWifi;P:GetOffMyLawn;;" "c:\temp\my-wifi-qr.gif"

      (Note: The saved image was PNG, not GIF as I specified. However, this was not an issue.)

      SimpleCodeGenerator v1.00 is free, portable and a measly 63KB (vs WPA2Gen‘s 10.52MB). Granted I use KeePass (portable version) to generate secure passwords… but I had that anyway. I’m just hoping KeePass adds QR code generation soon so I only need the one portable app.

    • #2414928

      I agree with the other comments, no need to install an app.  Use GRC and this website to generate the QR code:


    • #2415651

      I agree with the other comments, no need to install an app.  Use GRC and this website to generate the QR code:


      That link will generate a QR code for Wi-Fi… but for other destinations?

      For example…

      SimpleCodeGenerator.exe /Save "" "c:\temp\askwoody_topic.png"


      Try it… 🙂

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