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    I have a Win 7 installation in reserve that was last updated with patches in around 2013.

    Hasn’t seen the Internet since then, but am considering putting into production soon, because MS will no longer bother messing with it, and I can have a quiet life.  (I have other ways of blocking malware, so I’m not worried about that.  I like a stable system that doesn’t change underneath me over the years.)

    Were I to consider fully updating it through today, before starting to use it:

    1.   Have there been any patches since then that actually improve FUNCTIONALITY, rather than protecting against malware?
    2.   Are there any patches I should specifically EXCLUDE because they will foul up the computer — or install telemetry, or do any of the things we don’t like?   Or should I just open up Microsoft Update and let it rip?
    3.   Or should I just not bother and use it as is (since I’m not worried about malware)?

    Any specific facts would be appreciated.

    — AWRon

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      I have recently helped two people bring their Win7 computers up to date.
      Read through thees two topics and follow the procedure there – they are basically the same approach.
      I picked the install points based on times when MS had corrected problems, so the particular patches that were installed were done in an intentional way. One of the updates was done more recently that the other, so you will have to compensate for the latest patches.

      If you have any questions, come back and ask.



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        Hi PKCano:

        Thank you for the two links.  They lead to  what is probably a gold mine of information for those with time enough to really digest them.

        However, perhaps I can ask my question a different way:  has Microsoft made ANY updates to Windows 7 since, say, 2014, that actually resolve application incompatibilities, or add functionality?

        Or are ALL updates since then security patches?

        Because, if the latter, then I’ll just skip the whole endeavor.  I’m really ONLY interested in ensuring that my version accommodates all current Win 7 compatible applications.

        I would guess that if one skipped all security patches, Win 7 could be competitive in all performance respects with Win 10.


        — AWRon

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