• “Get Windows 10” nagware patch, KB 3035583, coming again to Windows 7

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    You’d think they would’ve learn from the KCCI experience, but noooooooo… InfoWorld Woody on Windows
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      I got that update hidden. It’s been hidden for weeks now. But if It shows it’s ugly head again-BAM! RIGHT BACK TO HIDDEN UPDATES it goes. WIndows doesn’t know when to quit with that KB. It’s like trying to force it down our computer’s throats.

    • #43481

      I see it there lurking… and I also see KB3146706 is now pre-selected. I updated a system last night and it still wasn’t, I’m updating another one right now and it is.

      I’m not taking any chances, I’m leaving it there to grow moss until I hear it’s safe.

    • #43482

      @Ed, @Woody

      Yes, KB3146706 is now checked.
      What’s its status now that it is an Important, Security, checked update?

    • #43483

      Wait. Still much, much, much too early to tell.

      In fact, I’ll have to ratchet up to MS-DEFCON 2 because of it. Bflarg….

    • #43484

      I think it would be instructional if we all plugged up Satya Nadella’s social media accounts with gripes about this tactic every time they re-release it.

    • #43485

      This may be a few months old, but this the first I’ve seen it.

      Now the “prevent programs from suggesting changes to my default search provider” option is missing and is replaced with a “Change your homepage to msn.com and search to bing.com”

      Old system: “junkware hijacked your homepage/searchsettings, change them back?”

      New system “junkware hijacked your homepage/searchsettings, change them to msn.com and bing.com?” (default choice)


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      KB 3035583 was placed in hide on my computer months ago.It was removed from hide tonight, May 04, 2016, it then appeared as an optional update. I again placed it in hide. I’m set to never check for updates. Windows 7 SP1

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      Every time a new version is released, the older version is removed from the hidden list. You have to hide it again because it is not the same as the previously hidden one. You can’t tell the difference because the KB number is the same. But Windows knows!

      What a pain!

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      Saw that today when I got my office updates-HID that sucker before I installed my office updates.

      WE GOTTA tell Windows to stop forcing this KB on us. IT’S A nuisance.

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      KB3035583 came up today for me as a CRITICAL update. It never stops 🙁

    • #43490

      I’m seeing it as Recommended, but unchecked.

      Where do you see it marked Critical?

    • #43491

      I got it yesterday as “important.” Needless to say, I nuked it.

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    • #43492

      Must be WSUS, where the “Important” category is split into “Critical Updates” which are the functional ones and “Security Updates”. They generally can be identified in Windows Update by title when and if Microsoft follows the usual rules.
      Some of the Security Updates in WSUS come under “Update Rollups” of which typical is MSRT, but this is somehow a less used category.
      Also Definition Updates (Antivirus, Defender, Outlook) have their own category in WSUS.

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