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    If you’re using Norton Antivirus, or any AV product from Symantec, you need to patch it right now. Better, uninstall the furshlinger thing. Lily Hay N
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      If I run a “live update” on my Norton antivirus will it fix the problem you are talking about here or is there something else I have to do?

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      Once again, another nail in Norton’s coffin for me. As if letting four trojans, that’s right, four, past wasn’t bad enough, this happens.

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      I’m a longtime Norton Internet Security user and just checked my copy, and it had already been patched.

      As the link in the Slate article explains, if you open up NIS and click on Help–>About and it shows you’re running version 22.7.0.x, you’ve already been patched.

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      Check the version number. See the Slate article.

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      Same here………. I have the version st3333ve has and so all okay. Must say don’t like the tone of that lady’s report….. first off…. all jump, jump, jump………. one needs to be calm about these things. There is too much going on and we need to have our thinking cap on. Just my 2 bits! LT

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      I had my fill of both Symantec and McAfee in the mid-90’s. I haven’t allowed a product from either company onto any of my computers since at least 1997.

      I agree with Woody. Uninstall that junk and find something better.

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      Gotta say, McAfee is much, much improved since they were bought by Intel.
      That said, rumor has id that Intel is now looking to sell McAfee. Go figure.

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      I’m sorry to hear you had a bad experience, Byron.
      Unfortunately, the MS equivalent doesn’t rate too highly and is not too well thought of either…… so the ‘junk’ as you put it Byron is not the best description…… it may be your opinion but to others it is NOT. LT

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      Not a fan of Symantec, if possible uninstall the whole thing as Woody says because is causing too much trouble.
      Even their Enterprise oriented web sites are difficult to navigate, too complicated, it seems to be company culture to make things in a certain way.
      However, I am not denying that there are good things coming from Symantec for those patient enough to go through the hurdles.

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      I have used Symantec’s Norton product line for many years. However, it seems that quality has declined lately and customers have been barraged with “not ready for prime time” products and updates. My personal experience with Symanntec customer support has also been unacceptable.

      Many Norton users had decided not to update to the most recent version due to significant bugginess. However, Symantec effectively implemented a forced march to upgrade by declining to patch (though they continue to take money for) the predecessor version (21.7).

      On Symantec’s forums they even assert that this unpatched and vulnerable version is “supported”.

      I am very unhappy with Symantec and am considering alternatives to Norton now.

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      If you think any anti-virus app is going to protect you completely, I have a bridge for sale…

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      The sad truth of it is is that most AV products out there today at best stay out of the way, consume few system resources, and catch old virus. At worst they are obnoxious, CPU hogs, that couldnt catch a cold.

      These days you’re better off installing uBlock or some sort of script blocker for your web browser of choice, disabling flash and java until needed on a case by case basis and not opening strange attachments in emails.

      For people looking for alternatives for home use I’d suggest, in addition to the above, ESET or Malwarebytes-AntiExploit.

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      It seems the fix has been out for more than two weeks, so no need for Norton users to panic (assuming they haven’t disabled LiveUpdate). I got on 6/14 (and on 6/27).

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      The AV-TEST Institute is a good resource for Antivirus test results listed by operating system (7, 8/8.1, 10, etc). You can click on results to sort list by category of protection, performance, or usability. You can click on the product name for detailed test results for a specific AV.


      I also cross reference a few other test sites, but overall this one seems to be the most complete as far as products tested.

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      I can’t say for sure but I doubt very much that the version you got on 6/14 included the SYM16-10 security advisory vulnerability patch.

      The version you received on 6/14 was pulled from distribution on 6/16 by Symantec to receive more bug fixes!

      Per Symantec’s site —

      [Update on 27-June-2016: A new Norton Security Toolbar Hotfix has been released via LiveUpdate to fix issues related to the Norton Toolbar. This will update all languages for both and, and will not change the product version. It will appear in LiveUpdate and History as “NS Product Update” and the file “coUICtlr.dll” will be updated to 2015.7.0.69 – details here]

      [Update on 20-June-2016: The product update has been posted back to the LiveUpdate server and is available for download. This update fixes an issue where Windows Action Centre reports incorrect status of the Norton product Thread 1, Thread 2 ]

      [Update on 16-June-2016: The 22.7 product update has been pulled back from the LiveUpdate server and will not be available for download]

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      In agreement with some commenters, and in contrast to other commenters —

      I have been happy for many years with Symantec/Norton on my computer.

      I had a great in-depth experience once with their customer service, which I have previously explained on askwoody.com. Other than that, I haven’t needed their customer service (aside from looking up a couple of things on their user forum).

      The antivirus-program testing sites (unaffiliated with any particular manufacturer) that I’ve looked at in the past, which I’ve put hyperlinks to previously on askwoody.com, have ranked Norton/Symantec very highly.

      Most computery companies seem to make big mistakes sometimes.

      …Indeed, I wouldn’t even have known about, and become a frequent visitor to, askwoody.com if Microsoft had not been incredibly obnoxious and continuously disappointing to millions of its customers in the last 14 months.

      I’m not going to immediately abandon and uninstall Norton Internet Security, then try to cobble together 3+ other programs that I have to tinker with, to provide somewhat-less protection than I had before.

      (LiveUpdate had already given me the patch in question when I saw Woody’s warning post yesterday.)

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      The antivirus-program testing sites … have ranked Norton/Symantec very highly.

      Which is *extremely* irrelevant considering that the very same “security” suite has opened door to remote code execution with default AV configuration, with zero interaction required by user and giving the malware the highest possible privs for a good measure. IOW, you’d be way better off not having any AV at all.

      Anyway, enjoy your Swiss cheese: https://twitter.com/taviso/status/748596968272732160

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      Changed my N360 v21.7.0.11 to N360 v22.7.0.76.
      Smooth change-out.
      All testing. OK.
      Hopefully, safely patched ?
      Best regards. AK

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      “grabbed the password out of the email, decrypted the zip file”
      Never EVER run a security software which does things like this.

      Same can be said for those which promise website protection on https pages.

      Btw read most of the industry’s (including Symantec’s) privacy policy/ToS and you will never ever complain about Windows 10’s any more. The Enterprise versions are a different story of course (just like with Win10).

      And don’t forget: the whitelists, default trusted software rules are only introduced in anti-malware products, because their behaviour was not distinguishable from other spywares.

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      I agree with you poohsticks….. LT

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      Scan HTTPS by adding a self-signed cert to the certificate store, very very bad. (kaspersky does this if I recall correctly)

      Scan HTTPS by browser plugin or other means than doesn’t compromise the cert chain —reasonable.

      I think Norton/Symantec has never done the first choice.

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