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    https://twitter.com/ariaupdated/status/1442608606457720833 I always call the difference between “managed” (those computers behind some sort of group p
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    Susan Bradley Patch Lady/Prudent patcher

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      When updating  from 7 to 10 I waited quite some time before upgrading. Windows 10 installed happily overnight.  Turns out it eventually became incompatible. There was no Windows warning.  It worked well until Microsoft eventually decided to do hardware checks. It did this after downloading the update and during the installation attempt. It didn’t set a ‘don’t upgrade’ flag in Registry. It didn’t check before attempting to upgrade. Time after time after time after time (yes, a failed upgrade loop)! I checked with the manufacturer. At that stage I discovered their original recommendation was the device  was incompatible.  Eventually I found an obscure block which kept the device working happily until version support ended. It still works and is better for casting to Chromecast than my newer i7 Dell laptop.

      That example supports that, Windows checking compatibility first is sensible policy. The other bonus is users can wait for flack to clear before upgrade.

      No nags this time we hope!

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      I built my latest workstation just over a year ago.  The motherboard BIOS did not come with secure boot or TPM enabled in the CPU and thus does not meet the Windows 11 installation specifications.  Also, TPM chips were always a separate purchase for the motherboard.  I think it is highly likely that the vast majority of PCs (and motherboards) sold prior to the announcement of the Microsoft requirement did not have these enabled.  Thus, the vast majority of PCs won’t be offered Windows 11 unless Microsoft changes this requirement.  Maybe this is all ‘much ado about nothing.’

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      Will typical home users be pushed from Windows 10 to Windows 11 automatically?  Or will Windows 11 appear similar to a “feature update” that requires clicking on “download” to begin installing it?

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        Will typical home users be pushed from Windows 10 to Windows 11 automatically?


        Or will Windows 11 appear similar to a “feature update” that requires clicking on “download” to begin installing it?


        If you do have hardware that can handle Windows 11, you’ll be offered — but not pushed to — Windows 11.

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      Well, They said the same thing when Windows 10 was released.  Yet, Windows 10 was pushed after a while, You had to use some tools like “wushowhide” to block the upgrade.

      Time will tell.

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      ‘For now’ is not ‘forever’. Microsoft may decide to withdraw support for 10 some time in future and push 11 to compatible devices. On the other hand, they may finally have decided to allow users to make their own mistakes.

      Does compatible now guarantee compatibility in five years per the example by anonymous above?

      Group A (but Telemetry disabled Tasks and Registry)
      1) Dell Inspiron with Win 11 64 Home permanently in dock due to "sorry spares no longer made".
      2) Dell Inspiron with Win 11 64 Home (substantial discount with Pro version available only at full price)

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        Windows 10 will be supported until October 14, 2025.

        If you have a PC that you still want to run Windows 10 it will still run.


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      I’m on Windows 10 Pro version 2004. Do I need to update to version 20H2 or 21H1 before the windows 11 comes out?? or will I be able to update to either one anytime in the future?

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        You will be able to update to 21H1 or 21H2 until they EOL.
        It is advisable to update to 21H1 now.
        Use GPEdit or registry setting to set for 21H1 or use WUmgr.

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      Confused, if I choose to defer Win 11 with Feature Deferrals Grp policy Win11 will only be stopped for 1 year & start getting push to upgrade again with PKCano settings…right??? If yes, isn’t only option is enable Target Release Version settings.

      Trying to pick which method, Feature Deferral policy or TRV policy for someone with low tech skills, afraid to accidentally click download Win 11, a low upkeep method, but that still helps to keep PC safely updated more often


      After Offline (disabled Ethernet connection) installing today Win 10 Pro from Creation Media Tool with 21H1,  My PC Spec is 21H1 Build 19043.928 .    I noticed that in Group Policy it has TRV policy which I thought was new after installing Sept. Update..weird..

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        If your computer isn’t worthy of Windows 11 it won’t be offered it.  I would pick TRV and set the OS to Windows 10.

        Susan Bradley Patch Lady/Prudent patcher

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          To double check, when picking TRV I still enable the Feature Version Deferral policy in order change deferral to 0 or 1 from 365 even though it’ll be ignored according to PKCano’s guide #2275043

          With TRV enabled ( or if feature version deferral is used)  do I still follow steps PKCano’s last policy mentioned called “Select when Quality Update are Received” ?

          My worry to changing deferral 365 days to 0 or 1 is in future if something comes up and let’s say need to disable TRV & instead use Feature Version Deferral BUT it’s not set to 365 days and I don’t remember that it has to be for it to do what someone that would be helping me solve issue or whatever & assumes that policy is set to 365 and/or that I already know ?


          My custom built computer is from 2014, so what happens I upgrade hardware(s) in future that makes it eligible for Win 11 but I end up not remembering that I need to block/defer Win 11.  Wondering, is there fail safe thing that I can do or is there any policy setting ?

          – Sorry for long post, I’m not same tech skill level as others. I like to have a plan for possible scenarios or to prevent them as possible

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      My custom built computer is from 2014,

      Not very likely to be W11 eligible at this time.


      Just because you don't know where you are going doesn't mean any road will get you there.
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