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    Can anyone help me graph enumerated values vs dates?

    I have data that contains a date and an emumerated value.
    Typical data looks like this:
    10-21-00 Green;
    10-22-00 Yellow;
    10-23-00 Red;
    10-24-00 Yellow;
    10-24-00 Green;
    10-25-00 Green.
    Think of this as the air quality level [Green, Yellow, Red] by day. The enumerated data is the air quality level.

    I would like the dates to appear across the bottom and the enumerated values [Green, Yellow, Red] to appear on the vertical y-axis. Above each date would be bullets indicating the enumerated values for that day.

    I defined the enumerated values with indexes of 1, 2, 3 and names of “Green”, “Yellow”, and “Red”.

    My graph needs to use the enumerated value index as the plot value but use the enumerated value name as the y-axis label.

    Any thoughts would be most welcomed.

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      About the only way I can think of is to graph using the indexes, and not to show the Value Y axis. Then put in a Y axis title- say “Green”. Select it with a right click, and use the alignment tab to rotate it. Then click on the text, and add blank lines, and the other data labels.


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        Expanding the solution of gwithfield, consider splitting your series into 3 series:

        10-21-00 1;-;-;
        10-22-00 -;2; ;
        10-23-00 -;-;3;
        10-24-00 -;2;-;
        10-24-00 1;-;-;
        10-25-00 1;-;-;

        Then use a XY-Scatter diagram to plot the 3 series. Set the format without interconnecting lines and set the color and eventually size of you markers to your liking.

        If you get the data from another program, the best solution would be to use VBA. Whether to automate the above split or to post-process each graph point of an unsplit series is easier/more suitable is to be determined.

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