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    If your car has an FM radio but no Bluetooth, I just found a great Bluetooth adapter for you, by Just Wireless:


    Walgreens had them on clearance for $22 each, so I bought two of them – we have two older vehicles without Bluetooth capabilities.

    I hooked up one of them in one vehicle. It was very easy to configure:

    1. Plug the Bluetooth adapter into your car’s cigarette lighter jack.

    2. Select an unused FM frequency, and set the Bluetooth adapter to that frequency. Then tune your radio to that frequency. (I chose 87.9.)

    3. Pair your phone to the Bluetooth adapter.

    That’s literally all there is to it!

    If your cigarette lighter is always powered on, you’ll need to unplug the Bluetooth adapter when you aren’t in the car, to keep your car’s battery from running down. I leave mine unplugged whenever I play my radio, because it makes static in the radio reception. However, if I stream an internet radio station from my phone, there is no static or background noise.

    If your phone rings, simply push the button on the Bluetooth adapter to answer the call; then push it again to hang up. Very easy!

    Both my wife and my daughter have told me that the sound quality is good when I am using the phone through the Bluetooth adapter.

    If you have music on a flash drive, you can plug the flash drive into the Bluetooth adapter and play the music through your car stereo.

    My old truck has AM/FM/Cassette. Maybe now I won’t need to buy a new stereo for my truck!

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