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  • Group B, now moving to Group A

    Posted on Kathy70 Comment on the AskWoody Lounge

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        AskWoody Plus

        Finally, the time has come to switch from Group B to Group A.

        For various reasons (life took over), I have not done any updates since May 2019. So, yesterday, I read through masses of questions and answers, which made me grateful, yet again, for the help and advice from everyone.

        Lenovo H520 Win 8.1 x64. Intel® Core™ i5-3330. 6GB Ram.
        Windows Defender
        Malwarebytes Prem 4.1.0

        My questions:
        1          How best to make the change to Group A?
        I’ve copied the list of updates for 8.1 into a doc, so I have the links.

        2         Apart from monthly roll-ups, are there specific KBs that have to be installed separately, or in a specific order?

        3          I’ll do drivers etc separately, not via MS

        4          What about .NET?  And anything else like that?

        5          To avoid telemetry, I’ll aim to follow abbodi86’s guide.

        I’m an ‘intermediate’ in terms of tech: able to follow instructions, but wary of making errors that cause new problems.

        Thanks so much in advance for any and all help!

      • #2223860 Reply
        Da Boss

        There is a guided update of a Win8.1 computer in this thread.
        The update reaches back to an earlier time than May 2019, but the update points are valid in your case as well.
        There is also some discussion about settings and prerequisites you should take into account.
        Abbodi86 ‘s method for neutralizing telemetry works well – I have used it as a Scheduled Task on startup since its inception.
        If you need more guidance, please ask your questions in this thread for help.

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      • #2224006 Reply
        AskWoody Plus

        Thank you so much for the reply and links. All very clear.
        So… here’s where I am now.

        1 Updates
        KB 3172614 was already installed, in 2017
        KB 4521864 installed successfully

        2 Settings
        Points 1-6 all now as per advice

        3 Questions before I click on “Check for updates”
        a) Restore hidden updates: I haven’t investigated what’s hidden in there. At what point should I restore them?
        b) Roll-ups… I understand that they are cumulative, but please bear with me, as I’m so used to Group B!
        Looking at the Razz thread…..
        In #2011093, you refer to “installing several specifically choosing points where things were fixed…” (Rather than installing in sequence via Patch Ladyys list)
        Razz was dealing with Win 7.
        Is that the same advice you’d give for Win 8.1?
        If yes, is there any thread or specific advice for this version?

        That’s it for now. Need to clear my head! In the meantime, I’m so glad to be dealing with this at last! Thank you so much!

      • #2224011 Reply
        Da Boss

        Razz was dealing with Win 7.
        Is that the same advice you’d give for Win 8.1?
        If yes, is there any thread or specific advice for this version?

        @Razz was upgrading from Win7 to Win8.1. The thread is about Win8.1.
        Start by getting all your settings right: #2010031. Read the posts below this one so you know what’s required.
        Restore hidden updates except the telemetry patches 3044374, 3068708, 3080149, and 3150513.
        Then Follow #2011112, starting with the March 2020 Rollup.
        Then move to #2011287. When you get to #4 and #5, unhide the Nov Rollup KB4525243 as well and install it instead of the Oct Rollup. After the reboot, you will need to check for updates and install the Nov SSU KB4524445.

        The final step will be to unhide the rest of the Rollups through March 2020, install the March Rollup KB4541509, reboot, then check for updates and install the March SSU KB4540725. That should bring you up to date.

        When you finish the updating, follow the instructions in AKB2000012 to neutralize the telemetry.

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      • #2224019 Reply
        AskWoody Plus

        Sorry… yes of course he was moving to 8.1 so thread advice pertains.

        I’d done various backups before starting to go through the settings etc. Brain dead by the end

        Looking through your post, all makes sense. I’ll work through and report back.

        Can’t say enough how glad I am for the support!


      • #2224048 Reply
        AskWoody Plus

        Sorry… a quick question or two… now that all Roll ups are hidden

        1:  I have 41 important updates, including .NET etc. They go back to 2016.
        Should I install in batches?
        If yes, do I need to go in date order, i.e. oldest first?

        2: I’m confused as to when and/or if, I need to be offline when I install all the updates.

        Sorry, I’ve looked this in the various threads and may have missed it. My eyes are crossing…
        Many thanks.

      • #2224050 Reply
        Da Boss

        First step, update through Dec. 2017. Jan 2018 is when MS started the Meltdown/Spectre mitigation which caused problems particularly for AMD processors, but for Intel as well. So you can update up to the time before they started.
        Second step is to choose updates from Jan through Dec 2018 at points where MS resolved problems.
        Last step is to bring the updates up to the present in 2019.

        Install CHECKED Important Updates.
        Be sure the updates you install DO NOT include: the four telemetry patches listed, any hardware drivers, NET 4.8 (or later) installer KB4486105, KB971033 MS Validation, any updates UNCHECKED by default, and any you have had problems with.

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      • #2231932 Reply
        AskWoody Plus

        Nearly there. All OK through Nov 2019 and as you described.
        After that, it’s the Nov SSU KB4524445. Right?
        But it doesn’t come up when I check for updates. Should I get it manually?

        And then proceed as per your instructions above.
        After that, all that seems to be left are .NET updates and Adobe flash.

        Many thanks again!

        • #2231934 Reply
          Da Boss

          Check to see if KB4524445 is already installed. If not, d/l from Catalog and install manually, reboot.

          Unhide the rest of the Rollups and you will probably only be offered the Mar Rollup. Don’t forget the SSU afterward.
          .NET updates are OK, but watch for the .Net 4.8 installer and hide it. It won’t say “Rollup” or update.

      • #2232085 Reply
        AskWoody Plus


        1 As per your instructions, Mar rollup, Nov & Mar SSUs installed.
        Also Flash and .NET KB4535104 & KB4538124.

        2 Hidden:
        NET 4.8 KB4486105, KB2976978, KB3044374, KB3080149, KB3150513
        NB: KB3068708 was hidden … and then disappeared. It’s not in Installed Updates and I can’t see it in the history either. I’ll keep a watch in case it returns.

        3 Telemetry done as per abbodi86’s instructions. Very clear.

        Seems to be running smoothly. Fingers crossed.

        I’m taking a break … and then repeating the experience on an Asus eebook, Win 8.1. I have all the links and my notes, and all makes sense.
        Thank you SO MUCH for the precise instructions and patience. And to abbodi86 among others; you all make this site such a terrific resource.

        • #2232086 Reply
          Da Boss

          Good job. If you need help again, just “holler.”

      • #2242034 Reply
        AskWoody Plus

        You said, “Holler”, so here I am again.
        But, is it OK to continue my original post OR should this start a new thread? Sorry if I’ve got it wrong.

        Asus eeeBook X205TA
        Win 8.1.  32-bit OS, x64 processor.  RAM 2gb.  Intel processor.
        This was in Group B, like my desk top in earlier post.

        1          Today, I followed your advice, as per #2010031.
        KB 3172614 and KB 4521864 installed successfully.
        Took care of the Settings.

        2          Then started checking for updates, hiding Monthly Rollups back to KB4512488 – 2019-08. After that, no more Monthly Rollups were offered.

        3          Looking in Installed Updates, I find a Monthly Rollup…
        KB4507448 – 7/9/2019.  (Rats. I was travelling and obviously hit the wrong button!)
        I do NOT see…
        KB4503276 – 6/1/2019
        KB4499151 – 5/14/2019
        I haven’t gone back to check for any earlier Rollups.

        4          Will this cause a problem?
        Important Updates now being offered:
        .NET framework. .NET Native. Flash. Various Updates (I’ve hidden the telemetry ones)
        Is it OK to follow advice in #2224050 and then continue as per #2011287 and your earlier instructions re: #4 and #5?

        Thanks so much, in advance, for MORE help!

        • #2242041 Reply
          Da Boss

          Rollups are cumulative, so if you have installed one issued on a given date, any of the others from earlier dates are included in it. So don’t worry about earlier Rollups.

          The procedure is the same for 32-bit as for 64-bit So exclude the same stuff. The drivers will have different names, b/c the hardware is different, but the rest should progress the same as the one you already processed.

          If you have a specific question, come back and ask. Otherwise, go for it!

      • #2242502 Reply
        AskWoody Plus

        Done! Including the telemetry.

        Thank you so much again. Clear instructions, patience and confidence building: all hugely appreciated!

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