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    PUBLIC DEFENDER Hackers are running your smart home By Brian Livingston I never thought it would get this bad. But it has. There are now more Internet
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      I’ve just read Brian Livingston’s post and it reminded me of what I had just posted here:

      My neighbours’ media devices

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      On a global point of view, embracing new technology is all well and fine, however, trusting it at defaults is another matter. Surely the problem exists with the end-users attempting to be ‘as smart’ as the device (cough) without RTFM. Read it for your own peace of mind and security!
      Perhaps this advice would help:

      1. Research settings during set-up whether it be via various fora or reviews goes a long way to secure the IoT device.
      2. Linking to the manufacturer for news/ firmware updates/ software updates etc via comms devices also helps.
      3. Ensure auto updates are..on/off? depending on your level of paranoia
      4. Register the IoT device.

      WoW, what a technocratic pain the world is becoming in the quest for home comforts.

      No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created IT- AE
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      This falls into the category of “you can’t fix stupid”.  If people won’t change the default password and if they do they choose 123456 when then, why should they be saved? Until people realize that it CAN happen to them and take some personal responsiblity for it when it does then nothing will change. The industry isn’t asking them to become computer scientists or perform some esoteric task.

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      I have 3 separate networks running in my home using the exact same topology as described in the the article. However I’m a bit disturbed that from my Windows 10 desktop I’m able to pull up any of those 3 subsets and log in to any item on any of those subsets. I cam see and log in all the the way to the Internet provider router.

      Something seems amiss since I was always under the impression you had to be part of a sub-net to see items in that sub-net.

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        There is no restriction on subnet access unless you set it.

        This is a complex subject and if you want to know more, start a new topic (so we don’t clutter this one).

        cheers, Paul

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      Brian, For many years, I have decried the lack of security in IoT devices, and the device manufacturers do not care.  And now you know why my home office has zero IoT devices, and it will probably remain that way for a very long time.

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      This is why Wi-Fi is prohibited in the White House and most sections of the Pentagon. Even “smart” TV’s and other devices installed there all have the wi-fi conduits shut off. Bluetooth devices are prohibited at the Pentagon. I sold a couple of portable PA systems to a mission there, and the manufacturer had to disable the Bluetooth before they shipped.

      What we are all finding out now is what the DoD has known for years, but hasn’t shared.

      "War is the remedy our enemies have chosen. And I say let us give them all they want" ----- William T. Sherman

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      Is a simpler solution to only put only IoT devices on a Guest Network with no access outside that network?

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        Yes. I would expect any router/gateway to offer at least one Guest Wi-Fi network. Some offer two, one on each Wi-Fi radio frequency band. Asus offers 4. Others offer even more.

        Get up to speed on router security at RouterSecurity.org and Defensive Computing at DefensiveComputingChecklist.com

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      As far as setting up a Guest Network goes, most people using Comcast Xfinity or X-Fi gateways are out of luck:

      Re: Guest network
      If you’re using a Comcast gateway, there isn’t one. Guests would use the hotspot broadcasted out of the gateway


      posted at:


      No one in their right mind would connect IoT within their home to a Public WiFi Hotspot as Comcast recommends fro “Guest Network” setup.

      -- rc primak

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