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    When an employee leaves our organization, we assign their mailbox so that it can be accessed by another employee to ensure that we don’t miss any important e-mail messages. After about 60 days we want to set their mailbox so that internet e-mail will be rejected and the sender will receive a “550 No Such User Here” error, but we don’t want to actually delete the mailbox until some future time after we’ve archived it.

    I’ve found 2 techniques for doing this:
    1 – Set a recipient policy to only receive mail from the terminated user’s account
    2 – Set the SMTP address for the mailbox to something that doesn’t actually exist. ie, change msmith@xxx.org to msmith-xx@xxx.org

    I’ve adopted technique #2 and it works as far as preventing e-mail from being delivered to the mailbox, but in my testing I’ve yet to see the error come back so that the sender knows they have attempted to mail to a non-existing mailbox. I can’t tell if Exchange 2007 isn’t issuing the error or if the sending mail systems are just throwing it away. I’ve tested sending from a Google Apps E-mail account and from an account at my local cable company.

    Anyone have any suggestions? I’ve not been able to come up with anything from numerous internet searches.

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      How often do you archive? We do a full backup of our email system every night, so if we were to delete someone’s mailbox, we would have everything up until the previous night’s backup.

      (I know that archiving is not exactly the same as backing up.)

      Nightly full backups might not work for you. But that’s how we deal with it.

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        Thanks – I do nightly backups already. The archiving is not the problem for me, it’s the fact that the sender doesn’t receive an error letting them know that they have sent a message to a non-existing mailbox.

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      Have you checked the Exchange Management Console to see if you’ve disabled sending NDRs to the outside world? Check your hub transport external domains to see if NDRs are enabled.



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        Joe, you hit the jackpot. That was exactly the problem! In Exchange 2007, it’s actually called “Remote Domains” and the option to allow non-delivery reports is on the tab labeled “Format of original message sent as attachment to journal report”. How’s that for obfuscated?

        Thanks for the quick response!

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      You’re welcome. Glad you got it resolved. Thanks for posting back.



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