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    I get so busy at work that when Hans posts me a solution to a design problem I just grab it and run. I rarely take the time to say “Thank You”. This goes for all of the other staff members as well.

    Well “Thank You” for all of your help over the past several years. You have made me look very skillful on several occasions and I greatly appreciate it.

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      Your thanks are much appreciated – I’m sure Hans will get a glow of pleasure from your post. But what makes him (and many others) more special is that the Lounge has no staff – everyone is a volunteer here. Goodness knows how Hans manages to find time for his day job AND answer so many posts – but he does grin.

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        everyone is a volunteer here

        This is definitely a wonderful forum to be part of. I think the Lounge in general and the Access board in particular(for me at least smile) have contributed to enriching our lives.
        I thank you all for the help and exchange of ideas that have made this possible.
        And we mustn’t forget the object of our affection love:
        I think Microsoft have done a fantastic job in devising Access.

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      Thank you for your kind words! blush

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      I would also like to say thank you to Hans and all the participants in the lounge. I have not been able to solve a problem on several occasions, posted to the lounge and had a solution in a very short time. The lounge has made me look pretty clever at work. First thing in the morning I read all the lounge posts on Access and have over a few years learned more from the lounge than I have from all the professional courses I have taken. Not only is it a great place to find solutions it is a great learning resource. The lounge is just a great group of very interesting people.


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        I also say “Thank You”, “Merci”, “Obrigado”, “Gracias”. I’m like some others. I am not a professional programmer and run into lots of problems. I’ve gotten a lot of help and just hints from reading other posts.

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      I also want to add my thanks to Hans and others. I can’t say enough about all the help I’ve gotten here and it is most appreciated! I’ve told a lot of people about Woody’s and they feel the same way.

      Thanks!! clapping

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        He drinks only half’s
        Walking’s his pleasure
        Problems to resolve
        Or bikes whatever the weather

        Sits on the site
        Problems to view
        Knowledge so bright
        He’s there to help you

        What I’ve always wondered
        Is has Hans got a question
        What site would he use
        It’s got be worth a mention

        I’m sure if he did
        His question would be frugle
        But hey we’re on line
        with the human google

        As Tommy once said
        “Huh Just like that”
        To you my friend Hans
        I take off my hat


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          blush laugh blush laugh blush laugh blush laugh blush laugh blush laugh blush laugh blush laugh blush laugh blush laugh blush

          Thanks! But don’t forget the many others who do fantastic work here in the Lounge – I learn a lot from their replies.

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            When I think of another ditty, I’ll post it !!

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              The folk on the site
              Help all that they can
              Toil thru day and night
              Helping lady and man

              Questions you’d think
              As difficult to answer
              As the Floyd is to Pink
              here’s always some banter !

              So thanks to you all
              We all tend to prosper
              Come join the site
              See what Woody’s got to offer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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              trophy I hereby dub thee Lounge Poet Laureate. trophy

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