• Has anyone tried Epyrus Email?

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    Despite security concerns, I had been using an ancient version of Thunderbird (2.0.025pre) for years. A change in the email security at my provider (Deutsche Telekom), however, finally took the matter out of my hands, and I was forced to look for a new mail client.

    The following is just a question. I don’t want to start a discussion of the merits of the Pale Moon browser or its ecosystem.

    Anyway … a person who works within the Pale Moon framework has developed a mail client called Epyrus. Has anyone (besides me) tried it?

    I’m not providing any links intentionally in an attempt to avoid the accusation of being a fanboy. Having said this, I’ve been positively impressed by the dev’s effort. My email needs are very basic, and it meets them nicely.

    In case you’re wondering, my various attempts to update to the current version of Thunderbird and keep my mail data have been in vain, which caused me to expand my horizon. Just today, I downloaded and installed Mailbird, but it was way beyond my needs.

    I’ll close with the comment that I’m really just interested in whether anyone has tried Epyrus and if so, your impression. I’m not looking for suggestions about other clients; I’m happy to do my own search-and-destroy work.

    Thank you.

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