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    Has Microsoft pulled KB5030219 for Windows 11 Pro for Workstations? It’s still available in the Microsoft Catalog, but when running Windows Update it’s not found. I’m seeing this for hundreds of Windows 11 machines in my environment, and that’s strange considering this is a critical update. There appears to be no problem for Windows 10 machines. Has there been other reports of KB5030219 not showing available for Windows 11 when running Windows Update?

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      What are you using for your patching engine?  Has it already been installed (check windows update history)

      Susan Bradley Patch Lady/Prudent patcher

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        Using Tanium to patch where it shows up in the patch list. However, when the scan runs, the patch is listed as Not Applicable. When I run Windows Update locally, says the machine is up to date and no new patches show. I checked Update History and the patch is not installed.

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      what about “Update deferrals” and “Pause Updates”, jharri46?

      check the Pause Update and Defer Updates settings and group policies referencing either one or both of those


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      I just uninstalled and rebooted a sample Win11 22H2 and it’s showing as coming down from MU/WU so it hasn’t been pulled.  I’d download the KB from the catalog and do a test install and if it says “not applicable” somehow that patch as been installed.  You may have to reach out to Tanium?

      Susan Bradley Patch Lady/Prudent patcher

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      You both were correct. Part of the issue was having defer quality updates configured via GPO. The other part was an issue with Tanium where with this setting configured, it’s unable to detect cumulative updates on Windows 11 machines. Windows 10 machines aren’t affected by the Tanium issue.

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      as Susan mentioned, contact/email the creator(s) of Tanium and mention the windows 11 update problem. you can also mention or post the problem in the Tanium User Community forum.

      also, try adjusting or even turning off (disable) the defer quality updates gpo setting, run the windows update scan and then after the update check, re-enable the defer quality updates gpo setting.

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