• Help with endless Win 10 update loop


    Hi all

    My Win 10 Pro machine is stuck on a recuring series of failed updates.  Current version is 1709, installed Feb. of 2018.  Since then updating to 1803 has attempted and failed 12 times, with error code 0x800f081e – which I can’t find on the MS help site or forums.

    Last week, the update to 1809 amd64 2019-03 showed up waiting to install. Windows Update says “awaiting restart”.  Every restart fails to install the update, no explanatioon or error code given. At least when the V1709 version failed to install, it would go through part of the install process and then say “Restporing your previous version”.  This one gives no clue at all.

    A few days ago, version 1803 amd64 2019-04 showed up, and again failed to install, with the same error code as above. I know its only a matter of a few days or a week before it will try to reinstall again and no doubt, fail again.

    Other than all this, my computer is working fine.

    I’ve attached an image of the update history.

    Would appreciate any ideas.

    Thanks in advance


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    Viewing 5 reply threads
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