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    This is how you can test topics and posts to see if they go bananas when they’re posted on the main site.

    In the words of @twbartender, this is a forum, and topic:

    that’s solely for the purpose of testing to see if a potential post includes unwanted html, along with checking out avatars, sigs, pictures, and the correct use of BBCodes before attempting to submit the post for real. This way if there are any issue with the post it can be corrected before attempting to submit it for real. IMHO I believe it would save a lot of wasted time and aggravation.

    If you aren’t sure about the formatting of what you’re about to post, then post it here and — if it turns out the way you want — copy the entry over to the “live” forums.

    Anonymous posts are not suitable for the testing topic, as Anonymous posters cannot modify their own posts. Any anonymous test post is subject to trashing without review. Likewise, new user accounts need their first post to be contributing to the discussion, so they won’t be moderated here either. (This is for security purposes.)

    Once you have posted successfully, please trash your test post here.

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      @Woody:  Please explain to me what  BBcodes are (and what “correct use” means)  and unwanted html text are.   That would help me tremendously as I don’t know exactly what this is referring to.    Thank you for any help you can provide to me.    I apologize for any errors I may have made because I was ignorant of these specifics.      🙁

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      Sorry to ask it again here, but this looks like a better place for my question:

      How does one “copy” an entry tested here to its intended forum? Does one literally just cuts and pastes it there, or is there something else to be done? For example: does one has to delete the test version afterwards? Etc.

      This is probably a silly question, but long experience has told me that asking a silly question is not always silly.

      Thanks for any helpful answers.

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        If you click on Quote, below your tested post, you can then copy the “guts” of what you posted – but don’t also copy the quote tags at each end. 🙂
        Or if you didn’t make any changes, you can just post what you already posted.

        There can be problems with pasting copied text, which relates to html (previously discussed elsewhere, i.e.)

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        Copy the text from here, and paste it into Notepad (or into another text editor); then copy it from Notepad, and paste it into the intended forum. By using Notepad as the “middleman”, you will ensure that no hidden formatting is included.

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        with Windows 10 running on a separate hard drive
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      Attn newly registered AskWoody users:
      Please note that first posts to this testing forum will not meet the threshold for moderation. This is to protect the site from inappropriate posting.

      From our Lounge Rules, an extract:

      Please make sure you only post relevant, contributing content. Posting anything that doesn’t contribute, or that has already been posted, is not appreciated by those reading through reams of repetition, nonsense, or irrelevance, so will be removed.

      To enable assisting queries to be prioritised over moderating, please ensure you only post content that contributes to the discussion; anonymous content should also contribute, and frivolous posts don’t.

      We look forward to hearing from you when you have something to contribute to the discussions on AskWoody.com or a question to ask. Until that time, we respectfully request that you don’t overtax our hard-working volunteer moderation team by trying to just get approved to publish without moderation. 🙂

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      FWIW, I use Ctrl+Shift+V to paste plain text.

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        Woody’s Da Boss permissions do differ from the average user’s – who in the Visual Tab, can click the Toggle Toolbar to show the 2nd line of options, then user the Paste as Text button  🙂

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      Testing using express vpn.  One user indicated that he was blocked in using the site when using express vpn.

      Susan Bradley Patch Lady/Prudent patcher

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      Testing the background color of a pending comment.

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