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    Yes, you can choose which version you want to run — 1809, 1903, or 1909. There are direct methods from moving from 1803 to 1809, 1903 or 1909. And th
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      Woody said: “If you’re running Win10 1803 or 1809 and want to move to version 1903, choose Semi-Annual Channel and 180 days feature update deferral. You’ll end up with a version of Win10 Pro that has a “Download and install now” offer to upgrade to 1909.”

      I think he meant: “You’ll end up with a version of Win10 Pro that has a “Download and install now” offer to upgrade to 1903.”

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        Also, “Note that I strongly recommend Win10 version 1809 Home folks upgrade to 1903, skipping 1809, specifically so you have access to the new Pause Update feature.”; that recommendation should be for 1803 Home folks.

        Windows 11 Pro version 22H2 build 22621.1778 + Microsoft 365 + Edge

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          I think Woody is recommending 1903 for both 1803 and 1809 Home to get the ability to pause updates.

          But we are still on DEFCON-2, so perhaps we should wait for DEFCON-3 or greater and the recommentations at that time?

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            You can’t skip 1809 unless you’re on 1803.

            Woody says today, “… it’s time to think seriously about upgrading.”

            Does DEFCON apply to Feature Updates? The five levels are only defined in terms of patches, and 1803 is now two weeks beyond end of service.

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            Sorry. I’ve been offline for a bit.

            Yes, the article is wrong, and I’m having it changed right now. I recommend that 1803 Home users skip 1809 and go straight to 1903 Home.

            Yes, the MS-DEFCON rating applies to all updates, but we’re in a special situation here. I’ll get the MS-DEFCON rating synced in the next week or so — the holidays in the US have thrown a monkey wrench into everything — but people aren’t at risk just yet.

            Those who are looking at upgrading over the holidays should go ahead and follow the instructions in the Computerworld article. The benefits of an 1803 Home to 1903 Home upgrade, right now, outweigh any known (or even unknown) bugs in 1903.

            Those who aren’t time-constrained should just sit back and relax.

            IMHO, of course.

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      Do you have a preference yet Woody? Should it be 1903 or 1909 or stay on 1809 Prod if I can.

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        I’m currently on 1809 Pro on my production machines. I’m waiting until the dust settles next month to see if I’m comfortable enough with 1903.

        There has been an enormous amount of change in 1903, and major bugs have cropped up when they shouldn’t have. It still isn’t stable enough for my (admittedly retentive) tastes.

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      Fortunately, you have lots of options — and a surprising amount of control over your Win10 destiny.

      It’s funny how something so simple — controlling your upgraded version — has turned into something so horrendously complex.

      Sometimes you get what you wish for! 😄

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      I meant 1809 Pro in my previous comment.

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      Wonder why woody recommends MCT/ISO namely for WX Home. For me its the best way to upgrade any system if want to be in full control of the process. On the other hand, set deferral and wait is elegant, plus you have your computer set up for the future. But only if updates wont mess with our deferral settings, of course.

      Dell Latitude E6530, Intel Core i5 @ 2.6 GHz, 4GB RAM, W10 20H2 Enterprise

      HAL3000, AMD Athlon 200GE @ 3,4 GHz, 8GB RAM, Fedora 29

      PRUSA i3 MK3S+

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        For 1803 and 1809 Home, using an ISO (or the MCT, which is just a wrapper around the ISO) is the only reliable way to get to the version you want.

        Pro is a different story entirely.

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      I am about to build 3 new personal PC for Xmas gifts.

      In September I also built a new machine for my mother using a paid copy of Win10 Pro (OEM Disc).

      New PC did not have CD/DVD so I tried to use 1809 ISO from MS Media Creation links when it still said only 1809.

      But when I applied the Disc license code, and after final install and before any updates, I was already on 1903.

      Q. Does the License code mandate the version when it activates the ISO? I didn’t take the time to verify the disc version, I should have I guess.

      Q. Do we know if MS is already producing 1909 on USB and Disc retail/oem media?

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        Q. Does the License code mandate the version when it activates the ISO? I didn’t take the time to verify the disc version, I should have I guess.

        If you only have a license key, and you are downloading the ISO from Microsoft, you are probably going to get the latest version, which is now 1909.

        If you are using media, the version will depend on when the media was created. The license key does not dictate which version of Win10. That is determined by the content of ISO/install media. Be sure you disconnect from the Internet during install so it doesn’t update/upgrade automatically.

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      Reading about some of the 1809 Upgrade problems, I have not decided on 1809 or 1903.

      For sure I am going to apply the 1803 November patch before upgrading.

      • #2011412

        I have one 1803 Pro that I am holding off updating until after Dec. Patch Tuesday just to see if I can still get 1809 through WU.

        The other three1803 that I upgraded to 1809 went without a hitch. And 1809 has been quite stable for a while.

    • #2011415

      Thanks for the 1903/1909 opinion Woody. Like you, I don’t want to have to spend a whole weekend fixing my laptop because of a failed upgrade.

      Its not a holiday here in Canada this weekend but I will install November 1809 soon and see what December 10th brings. I have the 1903 ISO that you suggested some time ago.

      Thanks again

    • #2014351

      As per Woody’s advice I have a USB ISO of Windows 10
      1903.  When the flag is lowered to update do I
      a) transfer the ISO file to the computer or
      b) run it from the USB

      Many thanks from an OF – be nice – an OF is an Old Fogey

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      MSDEFCON 4: Time to get patched Issue 16.44.1 2019-12-05

      The last paragraph in your recent newsletter has a link to Computerworld connecting you to “All’s clear to install Microsoft November patches”. Under Update,Step 3 – For Windows 10 prior to version 1903 there is a link to “Running Win 10 version 1803 or 1809? You have options. Here’s how to control your upgrade.”

      In this article – How to upgrade Win 10 Pro

      Step 2 Set Feature Update deferral

      Paragraph “If you’re running Win 10 1803 or 1809 and want to move to version 1903, choose Semi Annual Channel and 180 days feature update deferral. You’ll end up with a version of Win 10 Pro that has a “Download and install now” offer to upgrade  to 1909.

      My question is – Do I understand correctly that if you set 180 days feature update deferral you will first get an update to version 1903 ( where I want to be for the time being) which in turn will offer me a “download and install to 1909 when I choose”

      Thank you

      Bryan Booth (bsqrd)

      Dell laptop  Inspiron 15-3567, 64 bit, 8.0 GB memory 1.0 TB HDD running Win 10 Pro (purchased upgrade from Home), version 1809 OS Build 17763.805
      Edit: HTML removal

      • #2016588

        I did some research on this today. In Win10 Pro:
        If you want 1809 pick a deferral 150-230 days.
        If you want 1903 make the deferral 50-120 days.
        More on this may be available shortly.

    • #2016640

      Thank you PKCano. Do you have an idea when more may be available – won’t MSDEFCON be going back to 2 shortly? I’d like to have a go at getting 1903 before then.

      As you may gather  I am a newbie and having difficulty finding my way. What does Edit  HTML removal mean at the end of my first entry?

      Is there anywhere in the Forum where you can learn how to communicate in this system?

      Woody gave me a link to put my query – how do I find my entry from scratch?


      • #2016647

        The more to come – I just posted the article on the main blog.

        When you copy/paste from a Word document (or other formatted source), ann the HTML formatting is printed instead of doing the formatting if you use the “Visual” tab in the entry box’ If you use the “Text” tab, you can see the formatting, but it removes the HTML coding.

        There is a “Forums” button in the menubar at the top of the main page. The Forum structure is available there. It’s a tree like you find in File Explorer in Windows. A map to get around.

        Look for your entry in the “Recent Replies” or “Recent Topics” on the right (woodgrain). You can find your replies/topics by clicking your name link under your Avatar. In your Profile there is are links to all your replies/toipcs.

        • #2016742

          PKCano-again thanks for the help. I note that the focus in your latest article is upgrading from 1803. Apologies for my inexperience and I am not into wushowhide yet.

          I have no understanding how the Microsoft upgrades key together. For my upgrade 1809 to 1903, will I still use 120 days deferral as shown under Testing? This coincides with your earlier recommendation to me.

          I will get around to following up your answers to other questions after I complete the upgrade.

          • #2016746

            For my upgrade 1809 to 1903, will I still use 120 days deferral as shown under Testing?

            Yes, that should work. Actually anywhere between 75 and 120. I used wushowhide to determine the number of deferral days. But it does come in handy to hide updates that have problems or any updates when it is not convenient to install. It is from Microsoft, not a third-party.

    • #2017315

      I tried yesterday to upgrade from 1809 t0 1903. Made the change for feature upgrade to 120 days deferral right after breakfast (8:30 EST) and watched the laptop  all day with regular shut down and startup trying to coax some activity – nothing/nada. Just kept telling me I was up to date – for 1809. After supper I reduced it to 75 and waited a few more hours and then gave up.

      My idea is to wait now to the next MS-DEFCON 4 before trying again. I really prefer my Win 7 desktop anyway- its been no bother for years even through the forced Win 10 upgrade/Josh Mayfield era.

      Is it likely the 75-120 deferral number will remain the same? Maybe 1909 will behave itself and gain some stars.

      Thanks for your support.

      • #2017319

        It can take longer than you waited before Windows checks for updates on its own. Leave the setting where it is and keep waiting. Don’t “check for Updates”
        If you upgrade, be sure to put the Feature deferral back to the original value so you don’t get 1909.

        • #2017594

          Thanks PK, I think I read somewhere it could take up to 36 hours – ouch. So far I have left it to Microsoft to tell me when it was giving me an update and did my bit when it told me to install because I have Active Hours set for 8am to 11pm to keep some control. When not being used I shut the laptop down-you cant be more a rookie than that. Can you change Active Hours during a long update ie between multiple OS builds if you dont catch major updates at the start?

          I think I am getting out of my depth.

      • #2017364

        Use the Batch file in Step 3a in Woody’s CW article. No need to wait then and you can choose your version.

        cheers, Paul

        • #2017614

          PaulT , thanks for coming into the conversation. The step 3a you mention is in the Windows 10 Home section of the article. I have Pro, does it make a difference? Playing with Media Creation Tool sounds like a challenge for me since I have limited computer skill hence ability to correct my mistakes. I need to become familiar also with doing image backups.

          I guess I wll wait a while to come up with a plan for version 1903 or bite the bullet and just let Microsoft take it to 1909 when we get a green light from Woody and MS-DEFCON 4.

      • #2018461

        I’ve been having a problem installing the May 2019 version of v 1903. I”m running Win 10 Pro v 1803.)I need some advise.

        I first found a British version on eBay that turned out to be a scam. I just found another install from the UK on eBay and wonder now whether buying it makes any sense. (I had previously erroneously downloaded  the US version of the May 2019 install when it was available but it was a faulty ISO image and it wouldn’t install.)

        I would rather have a US version but the only download available, now, is v 1909 and I’m uncomfortable with that. I don’t have any “generous friends”  from whom I can get an ISO of the May 2019 version so I’m left with no other alternative than the link to the UK version which is:

        • #2018473

          I don’t understand why you are buying something that is free.
          If you have the Pro version and want 1903:
          In Windows Update\Advanced Options set Semi-Annual Channel, Feature deferral = 100 days, Quality dererral = 0 (see explanation)
          In Group Policy\Local Computer Policy\Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Update set Configure Automatic Updates = Enabled, value = 2 (see screenshot)
          And wait until the computer checks for updates on its own – you should be offered v1903 within a couple/few days.
          If you are offered 1909, hide it with wushowhide and wait again for 1903.

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          • #2018586

            PK, thanks for your response.  I am unable to configure Advanced Options as you suggested (See screenshot 1), although I have previously  configured the group policy as you suggested When the updater ran it showed that everything was up to date (see screenshot 2.) but it also indicated that Win update was subject to group policies (see screenshot 3). When I checked the other group policies for win update I noticed that only one had been configured. (See final screenshot.)

            I am at a loss as to what to do now. Help, please. Thank you.



            • #2018600

              Check under Windows Update for Business at the top of the last screenshot.

              Windows 11 Pro version 22H2 build 22621.1778 + Microsoft 365 + Edge

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            • #2018601

              I see something about “server to host” in your settings. Do you have settings in “Windows Update for Business” in Group Policy? I have no settings there.
              You may be hung up on some settings other than the ones I mentioned.

            • #2018621

              I have nothing enabled in settings for “Windows Update for Business”, now. See screen shot.  I have now been able to reset the Advanced Options as you suggested.

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            • #2018638

              What Build of 1803 are you on? You have some settings somewhere that are causing your problems.

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            • #2018650

              Win 10.0.17134 Build 17134

          • #2018644

            Update just ran and what showed up is in the following screenshot. Is the 1903 feature install what I’m looking for?

            • #2018687

              Yes, the 1903 is what you were trying to install, wasn’t it? That should be good.

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            • #2018889

              Kudos to you, PKCano, for all your help. The install of v 1903 was flawless; long but flawless. I’m now running Win 10 .0.18362 Build 18362. I ran Belarc Advisor and am now completely updated. No programs required re-installation. And, best of all, I still sign-in locally.



            • #2018959

              Your Build should be 18362.476. Th see the whole Build number, type “winver” (without quotes) in the search box and hit Enter.

            • #2018963

              Winver results are Version 1903 (OS Build 18362.535)


              Win 10 Pro

            • #2018964

              Ahh. You have the Dec. updates.

    • #2017886

      I’m running 1803 and followed directions to upgrade to 1809 a few days ago but nothing’s happened.

      Do I need to turn off metered connection?

      Are there other settings that might be preventing the upgrade?


    • #2017984

      I decided to skip over 1903 and take the leap all the way from 1809 to 1909 a few days ago.

      Woody said: Version 1909 — The minimally invasive “service pack” version — has a few bugs of its own, mostly Explorer Search related, but it’s only been available for a few weeks. If you trust Microsoft’s patching ability, there’s no reason to delay moving to 1909. On the other hand, if you want to wait and see what happens, you’d be well advised to wait a couple of months or more.


      Although I did take a couple of Macrium images before attempting that! 🙂

      So far, so good! Everything is working, and I’m holding off on the December patches.

      Windows 10 Pro 22H2

    • #2018250

      Paul,What is MCT? Is there a list of commonly used acronyms anywhere on Ask Woody.

      • #2018252

        MCT stands for Media Creation Tool.
        When downloaded from Microsoft, it downloads the necessary files and creates install media for Win10. The install media can install directly from the download for the current PC, it can create an ISO (Win10 image), or the ISO can be burned onto bootable install media like a DVD or USB drive.

    • #2018837

      Got it Paul. It is like learning a new language to understand what message is being relayed.

    • #2048250

      Hello again PKCano, bsqrd here. We started a conversation back on December 8 about upgrading Version 1809 to 1903. You posted some numbers to set the feature update deferral in the range of 50-120 days to ensure you get the upgrade to version 1903. I did not get round to  completing the exercise  – we were soon back at MS-DEFCON 2  so I stayed away from updating.

      Here we are a month later and I want to take another shot at it letting Microsoft take the lead. Will the deferral range still be in the same range or are you going to post any revisions?


    • #2054716

      Hello Paul T.

      Thanks for your response.Was your brief answer after my contact to PKCano  intended for me? When I click on the link I’m hard pressed to see any relevance. But let me explain – as I outlined in my initial contacts I am a senior citizen with limited computing skills. I am not into wushowhide, media control tools, ISO files and batch files. I know my limits and feel I could only get myself into more trouble even to having to reinstall Windows 10. No thank you.

      I will take a stab at following PKCano’s response. All I want is a number or range to so I can set the feature update deferral to get 1903 and let Microsoft take it from there.


    • #2054913

      PKCano, thanks for your response. Based on your value of 120 back on December 8 and 32 days from then gives 152.  I note that in his January 9 article in Computerworld, Woody links back to an article on November 25 -” Running Win 10 Version 1803 or 1809? You have options. Here’s how to control your upgrade” where he quotes 180 days for feature update deferral to upgrade Win 10 Pro 1809 to 1903. His January 9 article indicates that value is still valid today.

      Going to give it a shot this weekend.

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