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    Recently I decided on getting a budget custom gaming PC made. Took a huge leap of faith and decided to go with the Intel Arc A750 as the GPU, instead of the usual NVIDIA and AMD GPUs. Other components I got were the Ryzen 5 5500, MSi B550M Pro-VDH WIFI.

    Immediately after I got it, I used my PC to play some games. Nothing GPU or CPU intensive. The GPU worked well enough for my needs, which is pretty good considering its price ($300~). It worked fine for the first few days, or maybe because I didn’t use it much then. Well afterwards, it started to blue screen mid-game very often. Was clueless on what was the problem, until during the blue screen it said something about my CPU overheating. I found that my Ryzen 5 5500 was running at 80 degrees with one application open, all other background tasks closed. Monitored it for awhile, max temperature reached about 90 degrees. Was getting pretty concerned that this would damage my CPU 🙁

    Turns out, the stock cooler was not good enough for the CPU. It couldn’t keep it cool :/ I  thought the stock cooler was enough for my PC build but I guess not. Sent it back to be swapped for a better heatsink (Cooler Master HYPER 212), and problem solved no more issues lol.

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      Thanks for sharing your experience.

      In all my PC building years, I’ve only used stock heatsink/fan combos during the intel Pentium II/III era when the CPU was slot 1 and cartridge-like. Since then, never used stock heatsink/ fans. Arctic Coolers were my choice as they were not only efficient but quieter than stock at full tilt. Still have a couple of spares for my desktop, although not required after 8 years in use and still counting.

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