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    I have a column that contains strings of text. I’d like to highlight (in color) one word that appears in numerous column cells. The search/replace function doesn’t seem to allow me to do that. So, for example, how can I find “text” and replace it with text? Thanks.

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      It says here that Excel doesn’t provide an option to do that by the looks of it: http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/excel-help/highlight-cells-HP001174200.aspx

      There’s a third party tool here which might help, but it’s only free for the 15-day trial period: http://www.digdb.com/excel_add_ins/select_cells_conditions_wildcard/

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      Thanks. I got a copy, but I don’t see where it does what I want, or even do a find/replace.

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      There’s a macro on this site which might do the job instead: http://www.ozgrid.com/forum/showthread/?t=66197

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      Here’s the code from the link provided by Xircal adapted to do color:

      Option Explicit
      Sub Highlight()
         Dim rCell    As Range
         Dim zFind    As String
         Dim lFindLen As Long
         zFind = "test"
         lFindLen = Len(zFind)
         For Each rCell In Selection
            With rCell
                .Characters(Start:=InStr(.Value, zFind), Length:=lFindLen) _
                .Font.ColorIndex = 3  'Red -- Yellow too hard to read!
            End With
         Next rCell
      End Sub

      Note: Normally to get whole words only, e.g. Test and NOT Testing or retest, you would add a space before/after the word, e.g. ” test “. However, this messes up this code if it is the first or last word in the group and would take quite a bit of logic to correct (I made an attempt but it stumped me this early in the moring, sorry). :cheers:

      Almost forgot you have to select the cells you want to have it operate on. This can be set other ways, like a range name.

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        Thanks, everyone. The macro works, but not perfectly, at least in the spreadsheet that I have. First, if the word appears twice in a cell, it only highlights (changes font color) one of the words (the first). Also, it highlights other words or strings when such strings appear at the beginning of the cell. I attached an example. My selected word is MySearch123.

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      Well, I have a workaround. I copy the data from Excel and paste it into Word and create a table. Then, I find/replace the word with formatting, e.g,. red type. Then, I copy the entire table and paste it into Excel, and the formatting remains.

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      I’m curious about what the scenario is that requires this solution?

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      I too am curious. Be that as it may, try:

      Sub HighlightStrings()
      Application.ScreenUpdating = False
      Dim Rng As Range, StrFnd As String, StrTmp As String, i As Long, j As Long, x As Long
      StrFnd = InputBox("What is the string to highlight", "Highlighter")
      x = Len(StrFnd)
      For Each Rng In Selection
        With Rng
          j = UBound(Split(Rng.Value, StrFnd))
          If j > 0 Then
            StrTmp = ""
            For i = 0 To j - 1
              StrTmp = StrTmp & Split(Rng.Value, StrFnd)(i)
              .Characters(Start:=Len(StrTmp) + 1, Length:=x).Font.ColorIndex = 3
              StrTmp = StrTmp & StrFnd
          End If
        End With
      Next Rng
      Application.ScreenUpdating = True
      End Sub

      NOTE: The above code has no regard to whether the string matched is a complete word. Additional logic would be required for that.

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        You CAN do a highlight of the text colour and attributes (bold, italic) by in-cell editing. Select the text to be changed, right-click, and you can change font colour and attributes, but it seems that you can not change the fill colour. You certainly cannot do find-and-replace.

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