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    I have W-7. At every start-up, it keeps saying I have two new updates, namely SP1 and IE9. I do not want to install those at this time. In the past, I was able to hide such updates. This time, I cannot find such an option. Can someone help?

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      Right click the update and select hide.



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      OK. This is driving me bonkers… I have updates set to download but not install. Right now there are several sitting there that are “demanding” to be installed. It shows that 10 are available and 7 are selected. I’ve unselected them and it then says 0 selected, but as soon as I turn my back, they are reselected. I don’t want to get rid of them I just want them to stop trying to install themselves until I’m ready, and I’ve had a problem in the past when selected updates installed themselves when I had to reboot. And that includes some updates I “hid”.

      For now, I’ve turned auto-updates off and removed the files in the SoftwareDistribution directory. But I want to see if I can figure out how to get this stupid update to work properly without these updates continuing to turn up like a bad penny.

      BTW, do you know how hard it is to search on the words update and remove without getting 10,000 hits on how to remove an already installed update?

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      Read post # 1 to # 3. Just hide the updates you don’t want. You can later unhide them. This has been discussed several times in this forum.

      Since you have already downloaded (” I have updates set to download but not install”) they will continue to demand to be installed. You may have to delete this, then leave your Windows Updates set to Notify but not Install, then just hide those you do not want. You will no longer be asked about these.

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        I have hidden updates but that did not keep a few of them from being installed.

        Right now, there is a slightly different issue that may or may not be related. I added it to this post (perhaps erroneously) rather than start a new thread.

        I’ve turned off automatic download and deleted everything in the SoftwareDistribution directory so that it only checks to see what’s there, but there’s still one update that remains checked when all the others will remain unchecked. I suppose I can hide it but because I’ve had hidden things install before, I’m trying to figure out how to un-select it and have that stick.

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