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    I manage a few small business sites where there are too few computers to warrant a WSUS setup but too many to want to log in manually very often.

    Seems there is a new or re-released .NET rollup every couple weeks, but Windows 10 doesn’t install them automatically–you have to “seek” by clicking Check for Updates. Probably would be an Optional update under Windows 7.

    How do you guys manage this on Windows 10? Is there some way to get .NET updates to install automatically without WSUS? I would not want all “optional” updates (e.g. Silverlight) to install.


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      The .net updates that come out are NOT security updates but rather they are previews/bug fixes.  I honestly don’t want them.

      If you do you’ll need something like scripting/an rmm tool/powershell commands/something to pull and kick the seeker process.

      Susan Bradley Patch Lady

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        Thanks Susan. Does that mean that actual security updates to .NET would be flagged as “important” and installed automatically (after any scheduled deferral period)?

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          Yes, security-classified updates for .NET and Flash are offered automatically

          for optional .NET updates, use 3rd party tools (WUMT, WuMgr, PSWindowsUpdate module..)

          or you can use the built-in powershell functions:

          $ctr = “IsInstalled=0 and IsHidden=0”

          Start-WUScan -SearchCriteria $ctr


          this will return the available updates with their UpdateID, which you can use to install specific update


          $Updates = Start-WUScan -SearchCriteria “UpdateID=’2b270fd4-8f8b-4d4f-ba85-17dace669c55′”

          Install-WUUpdates -Updates $Updates


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