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    …(cont) use AskWoody as tech support or as a serious resource for info? The opening post of the day or week seems to be business oriented. Patching is first addressed to business pros then the Home user, seemingly as an after thought. The new posts in a 24 hr period haven’t exceeded 39 posts in a very long time. This is a surprisingly low number. So why the emphasis on the business IT professional when it appears the majority of users are of the home user variety??

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      Dear anonymous:

      If you’d look at any of the recent alerts about patching you would note that the Consumer patching guidance is listed first: https://www.askwoody.com/newsletter/ms-defcon-2-2004-is-out-of-support/

      Furthermore if you’d actually sign up as a plus member you would note that I’m also including guidance for Apple, Chromebooks, as well as the major browsers.  None of which are majorly used in business.  I would urge you to sign up and get the full Askwoody experience rather than the limited view you are receiving.  There is more to askwoody than what you see on the forums.  There is a newsletter that gets great reviews and comments from it’s readership.  Remember a mere $1 will get you to view the full experience.

      Susan Bradley Patch Lady

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      Howdy ‘anonymous’ stranger,

      Your post is curious for me. On account’a because I wear, and have worn many IT hats. I’m curious how you define ‘business IT professionals’. Yes, I’m a subscriber to Susan’s Plus subscription and pay attention to it. Woody’s helmsmanship was very good. But I also dig what Susan has ‘done with the place’.

      I’ve the feeling there’d be quite a bunch of us lurking ’round here. I don’t know. It’s true that I don’t present as He-Who-Knows-All here. I don’t, and IT is one of my toolbelts, But I’m also a founder and co-founder of two surprisingly IT-heavy enterprises. One of which is a crowd sourcing app, currently in stealth mode. I got here via sometimes meandering tech routes which often involved complex IT and apps. And during the 12 years I built and ran a LAN and intranet (from scratch) for a premiere gallery of vintage animation art, I also administered its telephone channel banks, and also its patch server, and its contact management apps, and back-end accounting apps. I was also regular, quiet reader of InfoWorld and Computerworld when they were ink-and-paper tabloids, and Windows Secrets.

      But I don’t imagine I’m the only person on these fora who is widely knowledgeable about important aspects of IT. I’ve the feeling most of us kind’a lay low until we find someone to whom we’d like to respond, or when we want help and don’t want to be ‘the smartest person in the room’.

      In one recent example, my company’s best IT practices, for example, were eagerly accepted by the owner/founder of an IT company, because their private e-mail was hacked. Their team was quite surprised.

      Finance, social and tech founder. Managing director of new crowd sourced games in pre-release development. Director on a new consortium to bring fractional ownership of heritage antiquities to the blockchain. My planet-wide talk show for people craving new stories by which to live is Casual Saints.
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      With all blessed and due respect to Susan and wonderful gang: I agree with the OP. I understand there have been many changes with the site this year. And tweaks are necessary. Yet, originally, Woody would patiently field many helpful questions for us home user peons stumbling across this beloved site. Searching the site was easy.  I understand the change to promote monetary gain, yet personally after the word press incident, and in this day and hacking age, without me having access to something called “bitcoin”, it has made me reluctant to proffer my credit card to sign up.

      That being said, it has been hit and miss on getting responses to anonymous posts from us home users (assuming wrongly it is bec I’m not a paid member?). Sometimes it takes days, other times within an hour. I appreciate ALL the hard work and gracious efforts by your talented team! I truly understand the selfless time involved. Yet it does seem that there has been a shift from Woody’s motto of “no question is too stupid”, and perhaps now a reluctance of your crew to deal with the perceived ‘oh my gosh, not THAT pedestrian question again”, after we relentlessly search archives so we don’t appear that way. And yes, I have seen more of a topic shift to biz/upper tech queries. It’s simply not as inviting, and that is no reflection on the Ask Woody crew individuals themselves. They are top-notch.

      Maybe this whole tech world has become too complex for us simple folk; maybe you are all exhausted, or it is all rote to you experts. But I wish to say thank you for all the informative home user topics, and I so hope we will not be lost in the change. We sure need your respected renowned help more than ever! No site like it. Don’t give up on us-we’re following your sage advice: to learn, keep informed and become as ‘self-sufficiently’ as safe as possible:)

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        No question is too stupid.  Seriously.

        I would sign up,  as you’ll get better response.  And you can even mail me a $1 bill.  🙂 Again, I think you are missing out on the full experience.

        Susan Bradley Patch Lady

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      In reply to the original post is simple.

      Askwoody information has to be looked for. Pros know how to do that, home users often go through facebook, friend advice or google.. but with the latter don’t know the terms to put into the latter to weed out the duff and dangerous sites or even have awareness of advanced search there..

      So if we’re going to say we need more home users, then we need to place askwoody in an arena where home users are likely to notice it, and maybe indicate it achieves more than just patching advice.

      For one Windows reaches the end of its road and says you need to get your PC fixed (or you need to buy the new version). Unfortunately most decide that means a new one as the repair shop is as near as the shop that sells new ones and the old machine is probably out of warranty as it is a couple years old.. and now has a fix cost of about 25% of the replace cost if they’re lucky.


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      I tried linking information over to Facebook.  I got the social media equivalent of abuse with emojis.  I will not link over or post on Facebook ever again.  If Home users are over in Facebook wanting and needing advice they are definitely not willing to come to a web site.

      Now that my busy season at the office is over I can post more.  You have to keep in mind that January through April I don’t have a lot of spare time.  But bottom line, the site is clearly healthy.  It isn’t going to be a static site.  Technology changes and so do we.

      Susan Bradley Patch Lady

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      You’ve a very good, very unusual site, Susan. Meta/Fakebook exists only for itself, and its users are its product. There would be other ways to spread the word about Ask Woody if that’s what you want.

      Finance, social and tech founder. Managing director of new crowd sourced games in pre-release development. Director on a new consortium to bring fractional ownership of heritage antiquities to the blockchain. My planet-wide talk show for people craving new stories by which to live is Casual Saints.
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      Brian Krebs (Krebs on Security) mentions AskWoody on a fairly regular basis. Granted, his column is geared to security issues. He tries to stay out of the more technical issues. He does comment on “Patch Tuesday” and encourages his readers to comment on their experience with the patches. I usually read Susan’s comments, then Brians and then wait for two weeks before actually updating.

      IT Pro’s vs the home user:

      The pro is supporting many, many users. The recent print nightmare fiasco was geared specifically to the corporate user. Most home users don’t have the network setup that a corporation has. Yes, many home users are using their ‘home’ computers for business applications and can run into some of the same problems the pro. They have a duty to their operation to get and keep their computer system working as expected. Sometimes the the suggested fixes for the pro’s, help the small business operation.

      BTW, I put $20 toward Ask Woody early last month. I like getting the entire story.

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      And therein lies the rub. This thread suggests as much. Great mods that prefer to help IT pros vs home users. It has become apparent this last year. And has been mentioned by Susan that she is busy for 4 months of the year. More hands on deck needed (esp as many are picky to reply, changed preference/focus, or have bailed from offering assistance.) Searching this site has also become difficult for the home user not knowing the terms. Often times I read replies referring to past posts that we can’t find prior to. (Or so dated, we wonder if they still apply to current days.) Time consuming for the mods, you can sense the frustration in replies lately. And for home users, hours spent searching.

      Even with more home user members, if consistent and invested crew is unavail/disinterested? Perhaps pick a lane and make it known? And yes, am considering becoming a member to see if it would mitigate time sensitive assistance. Yet was never that way-many issues we all faced were already there. Times they are a-changing!

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        Every anon post requires a human to moderate it.  That takes time away from answering questions.

        Susan Bradley Patch Lady

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      Great mods that prefer to help IT pros vs home users.

      You have no basis for this statement – you have not surveyed the people here.

      There are plenty of examples of people going completely out of their way to help home users with unusual problems, but it is very much determined by who is on the site at the time.
      It’s exactly the same when you ring MS support, sometimes you get great help, sometimes not.

      cheers, Paul

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