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    After many problems associated with the Windows 10 “Upgrade”, I restored my previous OS. Even though the GWX app incorrectly said that my computer was ready for the upgrade, the driver incompatibilities (even though I have Windows 10 compatible drivers), alleged BIOS problems (although I have the latest BIOS version for my system that is less than 2 years old), and massive overheating (that almost bricked my system), I was forced to “downgrade” back to the previous version…

    Windows 8.1 Update and Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (with enhancements) run fine on my computer, but Windows 10 does not. Even with a clean install, I still experienced the same problems. However, Windows 10 does run fine on my brother’s much older computers just fine, a testament.

    Microsoft touts that Windows 10 has been installed on over 110 million computers.

    My question is: Out of the 110 million installations, how many computer users have reverted back a previous OS?

    (It is also interesting to find out how many computer users have an actual enhanced experience or increased productivity after upgrading…)

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      I didn’t stay with it for very long.

      I didn’t like Edge or having a password log in and didn’t really feel there was any advantage for what I do in Win 7 that could be done better in Win 10.

      The only thing I was amazed at was the speed in which it booted up.

      When it froze on me I had to factory reset to get back to Win 7 and then restored with the system image I’d created before upgrading.

      Windows Updates has offered me the upgrade three times since even though the other relevant updates are uninstalled and hidden along with the three offers of the upgrade updates.

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        Not I, I will remain on W-10. All my machines are on it and run fine +++. Four of them ! I am not yet sold on Edge as it is a new app and as all of them, one has to get used to it, ie: where to look for what one wants. But it runs fine and the main argument is that it is progress, indeed it is.

        One needs a bit of savvy to be able to find out why one’s system is rebellious, once fixed, all is joy. I did not have to do any “savvy” process, all my machines are doing fine on W-10.

        All best wishes. Jean.

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      I wouldn’t go back if you paid me. Windows 10 rocks!

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        I wouldn’t go back if you paid me. Windows 10 rocks!

        I wouldn’t worry about that.;)


        Just because you don't know where you are going doesn't mean any road will get you there.
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      I was mostly wondering how many mission critical programs were hosed by the update to Windows 10, and how many had to downgrade due to these problems. Albeit, Windows 10 seems relatively promising, there are many documented hardware driver incompatibilities (this being a major OS upgrade) and program inconsistencies that caused one to revert to the previous OS.

      In my experience, not all programs and new (Metro) apps made the cut. Blame it on the software developers not being ready for this inevitable change, not all Windows 8.1/Windows 7 (and earlier) programs have been ported to this OS yet. Even with the advent of compatibility mode, I was forced to reinstall much of my software after the upgrade and I still had to downgrade for other reasons, such as hardware incompatibilities (even after GWX reported I was good to go).

      This free upgrade had cost me plenty until I restored from a backup where the software ran normally (i.e. the previous OS). I experienced similar with all major Windows upgrades…

      Other than the fact that Windows 10 rocks, how many reverted to a fully functional system that doesn’t rock just to get a truly fully functional system? Think mission critical

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      Per word or per post? That is the question!
      And to answer the previous post I for one have not ‘upgraded’ any computer to 10. Still trying to make friends w/ it. Maybe harder for me as I did not fully experience the trauma of W8



      Just because you don't know where you are going doesn't mean any road will get you there.
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      I found 8 much better then 7, so no trauma there. Been using 10 on my older desktop. Seems OK but I miss the full screen ‘all apps’. The start menu is a bit better than 7’s, but not a lot.

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      Thanks Drew – I’ve already tried that and it’s horrible. It’s not a patch on the 8.1 all apps page. That’s my opinion, you and others may differ.

      If you want to be formal then my name is access-mdb. Informally it’s access. 😎

      Eliminate spare time: start programming PowerShell

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      I have heard that the Trojans really, really liked the wooden horse!

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      But, ultimately, the biggest benefactors are End Users.

      Do you mean beneficiaries? Benefactors give, not get.

      You mean to say YOU find it horrible not, it is horrible.

      White icons on a white background are horrible.

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        Do you mean beneficiaries? Benefactors give, not get.

        Win 10 users are Microsoft’s benefactors, with all the data they’ll be handing over. They’re also their ISPs’ benefactors, for all the extra traffic they’ll have to pay for. Plus right now they’re benefactors of all the computer shops MS has blessed with corrupt system that now need to be fixed…

        White icons on a white background are horrible.

        +1. It’s also often impossible to tell at a glance where one window ends and another begins.

        Paul Edstein
        [Fmr MS MVP - Word]

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      Can’t go back, done gone past the 30 day period on 3 Desktops and 4 Notebooks, some had Win7 w/SP1 and some had Win8.1. May be doing another Upgrade tomorrow from Win7 w/SP1 to Win10 on a Desktop I just resurrected from storage.

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      OK Drew, let’s be more constructive in my criticism of your suggestion. I did thank you for the suggestion but said the result was horrible as it’s a lot of icons on a white background and they are listed in icon name order. The 8.1 all apps screen is on my choice of background colour, have wider spacing, and are listed by folder (effectively), so I can mouse to e.g. Microsoft Office 2013 and all the programs in one list. There are many other examples. I did wonder what Bruce was suggesting that they are white on white, but some icons do have a lot of white.

      I thought your criticism of my screen name was uncalled for, there are many who have the same sport of name (Sudo15 and Retired Geek to name but two) and I’ve never had any problem with that, and my impression is that no one else other than you has the problem either.

      I’ve had some sympathy with your position as an evangelist for 8.1 and later 10, but I (and probably others with similar views) do get a bit tired of your continual statements that upgrading is painless, when it’s obvious that just isn’t true for everybody. Personally, I’ve not had the upgrade foisted on my Desktop( (8.1) or on my wife’s laptop (7), and I’ve not done any of the things that all the others have done (and I have updates set to update automatically). But I’ve only mentioned this once, and that hoping someone might explain what I was doing right (or wrong dependent on their point of view). So please Drew go back to being helpful without all the ‘I’ve never had a problem’ spiel.

      p.s. to get this thread back on topic, I have 10 on my old desktop, and I quite like it (other than the start menu ;)). I will upgrade my new desktop to 10 in due course. I’ve tried most of my software on 10 and haven’t had any problems, and my scanner and printer both work fine on it (both are quite venerable). So I count myself lucky and wouldn’t go back on either desktop to 8 let alone 7 (shiver). I’m hoping to get my wife a new laptop and it’s getting very old and the fan goes mad a lot of the time – and yes it’s being backed up!

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      I used an old i3 Lenovo idea pad to test out 10 pro figuring it was old enough to see how well ms will provide drivers for older hardware, mainly because it recently dawned on me my newest machine is 4 yrs old now. Overall it seems fine, except it has taken a while to get a decent touchpad driver and even the latest driver seems a little limited in the options compared to the original which offered all the necessary tapping and scrolling options. Meanwhile, my Logitech mouse and keyboard drivers seem to be fine so the touchpad is not a big deal. The other issue is that 10 doesn’t seem to support the fingerprint reader very well, sometimes it works for login, but most times it fails to respond. On win 7 it worked fine. The other issue is cortina refuses to respond to my mic, even with the latest driver. The mic works fine when I test it and responds when I try it with Skype, but cortina is deaf on this machine. For the most part, I’m ok with that because I still feel stupid talking to a device rather than typing in my query. I rarely use SirI, maybe more so due to constantly fighting my New England accent, but verbal searching is more frustrating than it’s worth. Plus I never feel stupid when typing. Win 10 does seem to run faster, definitely boots faster. Not a lot of apps on the machine and auto starts are at a minimum, all seem ok so far. But, I doubt I’ll upgrade my other machines. I much prefer the simplicity of the win 7 start menu and I really do not like tiles – I’m not that social, nor do I need constant updates to news, weather, Facebook or whatever.

      The other issue is the added privacy vigilance required – it’s bad enough with the apps we use these days, but piling on with all the stuff ms is tracking, it just feels overwhelming. Whether it is or not is moot, but to me, it feels more of a burden than it’s worth in my perceived value which seems to me to be limited to a somewhat faster boot time and a somewhat improved file manager. I’m just not seeing any other benefits.

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      As can be easily & clearly seen the icons are not white

      Not with small icons, but with five other sizes/views.

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