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  • How to best move from Dell Laptop to IPad Pro 11”

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    I was planning to buy a Mac Mini in May, but just ordered an iPad Pro 11” (more functionality than I need but, it was an Apple Black Friday deal!) and Magic Keyboard. And then I was thinking, gosh why would I need a Mac Mini?

    The main reason I think, would be functionality for MS365 files (word, excel, ppt). I have a lot of files. I grew up with the technology and I am locked in to using the MS Office suite, also a lifetime Windows user.  (BTW I’ve used the Apple suite Pages, Numbers, etc. and found MS365 to be far superior!)

    I looked at storage devices on the Apple store and the La Cie 500 gb should work. It’s secure and fast. It has toolkit for backup. I would have to back up to another hardrive, which is not ideal, but is this a good solution for backup? Is there a better way? Could I safely put all my files on OneDrive Personal Vault for online backup? (Currently using Carbonite).

    Will the ipad work as a replacement for Dell laptop? I have an MS365 subscription. I could get an adapter for a display. I purchased a keyboard. I know there are some functions of MS365 that don’t work on IOS (e.g. cannot delete an Outlook folder, so I’d have to logon to to, but there may be other functions that I don’t know are missing.

    What might I not be thinking of that I need to address to make the switch from a Windows laptop to an IPad in terms of functionality and use?  And what is best backup solution? I would appreciate your input. Thanks. Donna

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      For an ipad, I normally back it up to Apple’s icloud or to another computer.  I would consider moving your files to Office 365 so that the files can be accessed from the ipad. With an ipad applications are either accessed from the cloud or on an application that you download from the Apple store.

      Is there any windows application you currently use that doesn’t have an apple equivalent or version?

      Susan Bradley Patch Lady

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        I have ICloud for backup, am not using Icloud drive for files, though that is an option. I currently have Carbonite and Macrium backup to a Seagate drive.  I will keep the laptop, but I don’t want to keep maintaining it, plus it’s old (read ready to break, not ready for Win11!), so I wouldn’t use it for backup.   I would put the files in MS365 Personal Vault and backup to a harddrive (that would be similar to Carbonte & Macrium, I think).

        I think the only app that would not work is Quickbooks, which I only need for history purposes (business sold in 2018) – which I can continue to access on the laptop. I cannot justify purchasing QB online for our needs.  I moved financial tracking to an excel spreadsheet that I have been using instead of QB (which was a fantastic app for personal finances!) I think there are limitations with Excel function on IOS – e.g. pivot tables don’t work – but I’d have to see how that goes. I am aware that there are many personal financial apps out there, but am not willing to give up my banking info to them.

        I have an Epson printer and can use Airprint.  I will not use Macrium or Carbonite any longer. Nord VPN will work.  That’s about it, I don’t have too many Windows apps.

        I suppose worst case scenario is I move my stuff to the cloud, invest in a harddrive for backup and try it.  And if I find I need the Mac Mini for backup or functionality, I’ll have to spend more money.  Thanks!

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          If you are going to keep your laptop and it’s a Windows 10 professional, you can remote desktop into a windows pc from an ipad.

          Susan Bradley Patch Lady

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      I looked at storage devices on the Apple store and the La Cie 500 gb should work

      I advice not to touch LaCie drives. I had 3 that failed after less than a year.

      Do you have an iPad Pro 11 (you attach to USB-C charging port)) or an iPad Pro with TB4/USB 4 port for external drive ?

      Remember : iPadOS doesn’t support NTFS.

      The Complete Guide to Using External Storage on iOS and iPadOS

      Best External Hard Drives for iPad 2021

      Backup is done automatically to iCloud ( you better buy more storage : $0.99/month for 50GB…)

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