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    We’re setting up a pair of projectors for use during events. We want to switch the projectors to show nothing when not needed but still allow the monitor to remain on so we can swap what is being displayed. How can we do this? Do you know of some nifty sw that could do this?

    We know that apps like PowerPoint can blank their display, but not everything we do is PowerPoint. We might have the projectors duplicating the monitor and need to rearrange what will be seen when the projectors go back to show.

    Before you tell me that projectors usually have a show/hide button, I know that. The person that mounted the projectors high on the walls and ran their cable through conduit didn’t include the remote control wire. We’ll run the wire eventually. And the remote is IR. To use the remote right now requires someone to walk out into the audience and manually point the remote at each projector.

    Any suggestions?


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      Why don’t you get a KVM switch for each projector? A KVM switch will allow you to easily turn a display on or off.

      Here is some info about KVM switches: http://www.kvm-switches-online.com/kvm-configurator.html

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      Hi Brian,
      As an alternative to “blanking the display,” might it be feasible to display an image of the event logo or an image that has only a background color?


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      byg7668 – You could script this yourself using AutoHotkey.

      However, have a look at Nir Sofer’s MultiMonitorTool. It’s small, portable, free and will let you use commands like MultiMonitorTool.exe /disable 2 to disable the 2nd monitor.

      Using it, you could set up shortcuts with hotkeys to run the commands, e.g. CTRL+F1 and CTRL+F2 to disable monitor 1 and monitor 2 respectively.

      Alternatively, you could use a shortcut with a hotkey to run a command like MultiMonitorTool.exe /switch 2 to just switch monitor 2 between ‘enabled’ and ‘disabled’.

      Hope this helps…

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